Cut-Out Dresses : Yeah or nay?

IMG_0749I personally LOVE cut-outs: especially on dresses :) I think your clothing looks more extraordinary and spices every dress up although it would look common otherwise. And this dresses look interesting and trendy, too.

IMG_0751There are many kinds of cut-out dresses: cool, feminine, elegant or edgy ones. Meanwhile you can get cut-out styles in every shop or online store. Cut-outs always create a breach of style, which makes them very easily to combine with other accessory or shoes to create elegant, feminine or casual, cool styles. The best is, you can wear them at daytime or in the evenings for going out. Those who follow my outfit inspirations a little bit longer know, that I love these kind of clothing which can easily be up or downgraded to another style.

IMG_0758My personal favourite dress with cut outs at the moment is in a coral shade, a summer colour making me think of sunny days, with uneven colours, a little bit like a kind of used look. It is a very simple dress, without any other highlights than the cut outs, which makes it perfect for many looks and great to combine to other flashier accessory or shoes. Unfortunately I don’t know the brand anymore.

IMG_0756I combined it with my slightly glittering tights from Calzedonia ( a leg fashion and beachwear shop ), which I got in winter, because winter and fall are the best times to buy good looking tights with patterns and different styles. This tights is my favourite one. The flower pattern is really beautiful and the tights look upmarket and outstandingly. The tights are a real eye catcher and because of this a simple dress can be combined best to it.

I love to wear my sparkling bracelet from Konplott with it (>>click here<<). It matches perfectly because of the casual style of the dress and spices it up. Of course a suitable necklace of Konplott (>>click here<<) matches, too and makes the combination perfect.

I chose to wear a denim jacket of Miss Sixty with it. Denim jackets are a must-have for every wardrobe and perfect for the summer season. There are many different denim styles which match to different clothing styles. This one is a very dark, luscious blue, slightly waisted. Denim jackets make your outfit casual and cool, a little bit edgy but you look always trendy while wearing denim, no matter which style, colour or clothing is in denim style.

What do you think? Do you like cut-outs or do you prefer other styles?

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Denim-Jacket (similar, >>here<<)

Dress (similar, >>here<<)

Dress (similar, maxi-dress >>here<<)



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