Etude House Dreaming Swan Collection: Cushion Case &Cushion <3

IMG_0596I already told you in a previous post (>>click here<<) that I purchased some items from the Dreaming Swan Collection from Etude House at W2Beauty. I really directly fell in love with the super cute and special design of the products, and I just love the blush I’ve reviewed previous totally. This time I want to introduce you the Etude House Cushion in the Etude House Dreaming Swan Cushion Case:

IMG_0585Of course the first thing while looking at the product is how beautiful and sweet the design of the cushion case is: On the light violet coloured case you see a shining tutu, very elegant, like you would imagine a ballerina to wear while dancing in front of people. The design is so lovely and detailed, same like the Etude House Dreaming Swan Cheek & Eye Powder. The light violet and pink colours match perfectly to the motive on the case and let you dream a little bit of yourself dancing on a stage like a perfect ballerina. I totally love this design, not only because I love ballet, but also because I think you cannot design anything matching more perfect to the theme of a ballerina or anything more classy and elegant than this.

When opening the case, there is space for the cushion (I directly ordered a ANY Cushion REFILL with my case in order to use this product :3 ) and a mirror in the one side of the case, when opening it. When placing the cushion inside you can use the sponge of the cushion and push it onto the cushion so that it adapts the makeup. Afterwards you could make up your skin and applying the cushion with the sponge. I must admit that I was very sceptical weather the cushion would cover up my imperfections, but light up to middle imperfection aren’t a problem. If you have very irritated skin with lots of blemishes you shouldn’t forget to use a bb or cc crème or both before applying the cushion in order to reduce the imperfections. You can see, that the cushion is slightly lighter than my tan (I just didn’t think, that the weather would be so good in April and May in Germany and tanned too much for the colour I purchased :D ). Nevertheless the skin feels really good after usage and it seems to be healthier and not dried out, but moisture and cared, and still much more even.

IMG_0602I really like the cushion and I’m a little bit sad, that the colour is lighter than my tan, but in worst case I’ll have to wait until September to use it :D The advantage of the Etude House Dreaming Swan Cushion Case is, in comparison to the Eye&Cheek powder, that you can easily switch the cushion, but the case remains the same beautiful, elegant and lovely packaging of this special collection. I would recommend it really to everybody, who uses the Etude House Cushion or who wants to try out a cushion to buy the case and cushion from Etude. I think you cannot get a more perfect, lovely and sweet product like this. And on top with this in your purse, you’ll not just feel like a little princess or ballerina, but also look as good and beautiful as one.

This collection is so gorgeous and detailed and simply looking stunning, that no one should miss to buy something of it :) Have you already tried out any Etude House products? Or anything of the Dreaming Swan collection?

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