Maybelline FIT me! Anti-Shine Stick &L’OREAL Nude Magique BB Blemish Balm Stick <3

IMG_0649Recently the Makeup Sticks are really booming. You can buy them everywhere and different one for different effects on your skin.

I bought two different ones: The L’OREAL Nude Magique BB Blemish Balm Stick and the Maybelline FIT me! Anti-Shine Stick. I usually use both: bb-creme and liquid foundation. I never go out without anything for better skin on my face.

IMG_0653I chose the L’OREAL bb-stick matching to my current skin-shade: medium to dark skin. I totally love the texture of this stick. While using it the skin feels very soft and smooth. You can distribute the bb stick very easily and you don’t see any difference to my skin shade afterwards. Redness or irritated skin is covered and your looks refreshed and imperfections are covered. I would describe the coverage as “middle”. If you have very great problems with your skin you should use a foundation on the bb stick or just use foundation. I prefer using both, foundation and bb-crème usually because my skin shade doesn’t match perfectly to the most bb-cremes. In addition the size of the stick is perfect to take with you, while going out and to correct irritations or anything else.

I also tried out the Maybelline FIT me! stick. After weeks of searching the colour 355 (the darkest shade, although it looked really dark, because the shade before is too bright) and visiting every drugstore in my hometown and the towns nearby, I finally got the shade 355! I was very proud, although the shade seemed to be very dark, but I wanted to use it as contouring stick, as I saw many videos about this. I must confess, I really think this stick is fabulous. You cannot compare it with the bb-stick from L’OREAL since the effect of bb crème and foundation is totally different, but the stick really makes matte skin and keeps its promise of anti-shining. It’s a little bit less easy to distribute than the L’Oréal stick, and the texture isn’t so smooth like this one, but it looks really great and the imperfections or your skin aren’t visible anymore. If I use less of the stick, I can use it as foundation, since I tanned enough the last weeks :) But if you apply more of it on my skin shade you can use it for countering and forming your nose or cheekbones, which is very comfortable. Your skin looks even and refreshed taking with you, like the L’Oréal bb stick. A great advantage of the sticks.

You can see below on the pictures the shade on my hand and afterwards the hand after distributing them:

IMG_0657IMG_0667All in all I combined the sticks to try this effect out, and I’m very satisfied with both (although I would say that the stick of Maybelline is more a must-have!). Combining the bb-stick with the foundation-stick makes the skin softer and smoother and you can distribute the colour of the foundation stick more easily. Afterwards the skin is even, matte and looks healthy and perfect. It doesn’t feel like thick make-up, but naturally and comfortable, as if you’re not wearing any makeup. More like your skin was upgraded.

I totally recommend this products to everyone, who is searching something to take with you while going out, and searching for easy make-up innovations with huge effects.

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