Tonymoly Luminous Goddess Aura Beam

IMG_0776I’ve heard so many postive things about the Tonymoly Luminious Goddess Aura Beam, so that I was very excited about this one:

IMG_0770The packaging looks cute, but clear in a white and pink which looks very girly but not childish. I really like the look of the product.
You can see on the picture that the consistence of the beam is like gel in a very light, nearly transparent pink shade. You can distribute even a small drop easily on a big part of the skin. BUT the consistence is very sticky, so that it feels very awkward while distributing it and your hands seem to stick afterwards, so that you don’t want to touch anything. For my liking, it is too sticky and greasy. I don’t like the consistence after all, although it makes your skin glow really beautiful and lovely.

IMG_0780IMG_0781The effect of the beam is very moistening and glowing and in addition your skin feels refreshed but a little oily. Nevertheless it feels very cared and very hydrated. I would recommend it only to someone with dry skin, not normal or combination skin. For my normal skin the beam is really too greasy and oily, and I have to use a lot of matting products to achieve a nice glow which doesn’t look oily, if I don’t want to shine all over the face. But this cream is a win for everyone with dry skin. It hydrates the skin totally and the skin will be soft, glowing and smooth again afterwards. This cream will solve your dry-skin problems immediately and make your bb-creme or make-up looking beautiful.

After the usage of the beam I have to add another disadvantage: If your hair isn’t bound together or styled away from your face your strands of hair will glue to your face, because of the consistence of the beam. You just have to be careful or strike them off your face. This is totally annoying :D

Nevertheless the pros and cons in an overview:


-effective for dry parts of the skin
-skin is smooth/soft/glowing
-skin feels healthy & hydrated & refreshed

-Too oily for normal/combination skin
-Sticky and greasy

I really like the effects of the beam, but I don’t like the look of it on my skin and the unnatural feeling of it.

Has someone of you tried this beam? And which skin type are you?

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