Unboxing May: DOUBOX :)

IMG_0671Last month I got my first Box of Beauty from Douglas (>>click here<<) so I was very excited what products would be in my next box. This month my box arrived before some days and immediately I saw they changed the name to DOUBOX.

IMG_0675There was as short information that they changed their subscription and after looking at the new design I recognised that you can get the box in 3 different ways: The original box  (15 €) consisting of 1 highlight product and 4 maxi-samples, the premium box (29,95€) with 2 highlight products and 3 maxi samples and the deluxe box (49,95€) consisting of 1 high-end product, 1 highlight product and 3 maxi samples. My box was the original box.

I love subscription boxes. You’re always surprised what to get and it’s like a little present someone chose for you, although you bought it yourself. And sometimes you’re really surprised how good some products are. The first thing which I must criticize is, that you don’t see the prizes on the new booklet in the box. So if you’re interested you have to search for them yourself. I was a bit disappointed, but okay, you just have to search the products you like.

This time there were just original size products in the box, I suppose to celebrate the 4the birthday and the new box style. In addition there were two goodies in the box: The YANKEE CANDLE shea Butter, a candle scenting lovely like shea butter. Since I love scented candles, I was really happy about this gift in the box. Second goodie was the Papanga scrunchies in three colours (transparent, light pink and pink). I like this spiral scrunchies, although you cannot make every hairstyle with them. But since they don’t get dirty and don’t strain your hair they’re perfect for sports.


IMG_0691But let’s talk about the other beauty products, the reason why I bought the box:

IMG_0704The 24/7 Glide – On Eye Pencil of Urban Decay (18,99€, original size): I heard a lot of things about Urban Decay, but until now I haven’t tried anything else since samples from this brand. This will be my first full-sized product. The eye-pencil has a very cool holographic packaging, very flashy, which I really like. It’s a real eye catcher. The pencil has the perfect size, typical for eye-pencils and the colour is black. I’m really very excited of this pencil, since trying it on my hand the colour looks really strong and it’s slightly smear proof. But of course I have to check this while using it.

IMG_0686Diadermine Lift+ Hautperfektion (30ml, 12,99€, original size): This face oil states to lift the skin and not to grease. The oil is perfect for skin which needs to fight against aging effects. I personally think that anti-aging isn’t just a topic for old skin, you have to support your skin even if you’re young or our skin hasn’t signs of age, yet. You just need 3 drops of the oil and massage them gently into your skin. This sounds really promising, because you don’t need really much of the oil to achieve the effect. I tried this oil on my hand and the drops are very fluid and easily to distribute. The oil doesn’t feel sticky but smooth and pleasant on the skin. And I totally agree that it isn’t greasing. From the first try I would definitely say YES to this oil. But of course I have to test it on long-terms.

IMG_0683Koress shower gel Guava (200ml, 10,95 € , original size): Since this brand is famous for natural products and against animal testing I was happy to receive one shower gel from them. I must confess that I think nearly 11€ is too expensive for a shower gel. The scent is very descent but it foams really pleasant and fine. I really like this one, although I don’t notice a moistening effect like promised, more than from other products.

IMG_0665Mavala handcream (50ml, 14,99€, original size): This hand-creme is really expensive, but states to help dry hands to be soft, protected and cared again. I tried the hand-creme immediately since I have dry hands at the moment. It’s easy to distribute and your hands feel and look immediately repaired and smooth. They seem younger and it feels great on the skin. The only disadvantage is, that the scent is in need to getting used to. It smells a little bit like the typical scent of cremes for old people, not bad, but not special either. I think this is okay, since the effect is really great and your hands feel very good after the usage.

IMG_0693Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip-gloss (3,4 ml, 6,99€, original size) in the colour 30: Captivating Ruby is a lip gloss which isn’t sticky and greasy but moistening and pleasant on the lips. The gloss colours in a lovely way and I was happy to receive a red shade, since I absolutely love red lips. I don’t use many glosses, but this one really has a nice colour and is definitely a good alternative to a balm because of the caring effects.

All in all this special box with the new concept is really a good box and I like it. I had luck with the shade of the lip gloss and it was definitely great that all the products are full-sized. I’, excited to use the products for a longer time to say more to them.

Are you getting any subscription boxes? How are your experiences?



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