Holographic Love <3

IMG_0096Everywhere you look you see metallic or holographic clothing at the moment. Bags, shorts, tops, accessory or any other stuff. It isn’t really important what it is, but if it’s shining in a holographic way everyone LOVES it. I must confess I belong to the holographic-YEAH-fraction and I support this hype about any stuff being of holographic fabric. I love this extraordinary style which is created and the special effect on the fabric. It’s always very colourful and still a kind of cool and feminine clothing.

IMG_0101I love holographic bags. I think nothing can spice up an outfit combination more than a perfect statement bag like for example the diamond clutch, which I bought from ASOS. Unfortunately it isn’t available anymore at the moment, but there are many other clutches and bags looking special and extraordinary and spicing up any outfit combination you have. I like the different themes like diamonds, dinosaur and normal squared clutches. This themes can make your outfit perfect, special and fashionable.

IMG_0095Since its summer and denim shorts are an absolute must-have you have to look forward to buy some metallic shorts. I love this style. The metal reflections look very edgy and trendy. They make your denim shorts looking cool and fabulous instead of boring and normal. It’s always a great idea to have a kind of short like this in your wardrobe.

IMG_0097Of course the shoes have to match to your bag. Because of this I love to combine the holographic looking shoes (>>click here<< for previous post<<). I like it that the shoes don’t look ordinary and they give a special feeling to your outfit which no one can describe really well. It simply feels more than comfortable and perfect to wear this shoes to a cool and fancy outfit and you can be sure that evewryone will have a look at your eye catching shoes.

IMG_0098You shouldn’t forget to wear a matching top to your outfit in summer time. I love combining silver or grey coloured tops to the holographic/metallic themed outfits and it always matches perfectly. I really like combining clothing of a special topic to each other and creating an extraordinary outfit.


Have your got any holographic or metallic clothing?

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Top (similar >>click here<< or >>click here<< or >>click here<<)

Short (>>click here<<, black >>click here<<)

Shoes (>>click here<<, similar >>click here<< or >>click here<< or >>click here<<)

Clutch (similar dinosaur form >>click here<<, normal form >>click here<<)



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