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5Do you know the online shop Dresslink (>>click here<<)? Dresslink is a Chinese worldwide online fashion and clothing seller. They have a huge variety of clothing and accessory for woman, men and kids. The prices of Dresslink are really affordable and in addition they sell a variety of clothing which is very stylish and trendy. There are many pieces you wouldn’t get in Germany. I must admit I’ve never heard of Dresslink before they offered me to write my experiences on my blog (>>click here for previous post<<).

This week my Dresslink package finally arrived. Since this is my first experience with Dresslink I was really excited what I would get and if the clothing would fit. I immediately began to unpack the package and trying the things on. I’m very relieved that everything matches and that there were nocompölications with the delivery or duty. I just had to wait since May for the package to arrive. But that was no problem after all since I knew I had to wait longer because shipping to Germany from Asia is a long distance.

2The first pick of my Dresslink Shopping Haul is the “Bad Man” crop top. I really love this top. I could have selected a smaller size, but since the top is very casual and cool it doesn’t really matter that the top is slightly bigger. I totally love crop tops. I love to combine them to high waist shorts or skirts and this one is very easy to combine. The colour is black and the white lines of the man look like a bat with the writing “BAD MAN” on it. Since I’m obsessed with Marvel and DC Heroes this was a must-have to buy for me. I really like this funny and different shirt.

I simply had to buy the pink sunglasses, too: They have a light pink frame and the glasses are mirrored in a darker pink shade with a little bit of yellow in it. It looks very girly through the colour but stylish and trendy. I like the pointed ends of the glasses.

I’ve chosen a necklace looking like wings of a bird as third product. I really like the shape of the necklace and the small details on it. The wings are very detailed and worked out very filigree.

1My favourite pick of my Dresslink Haul are the black ballerinas. I’m obsessed with them. The left one has a white face of a dog on it and the right one a face of a cat. The fabric is similar as velvet and they are very light and cushy. They look very extraordinary and sweet and I simply had to get these shoes.

3Of course I had to choose tights, too. Since I’m wearing most of the time shorts , skirts or dresses, I really need a lot of tights and I often buy very cheap ones, since they rip very easily ( I’m very good at destroying my tights ;) ). I thought that the tights look very sweet and girly but also cool. I love the theme of the cat on it. Especially since they are matching perfectly to the shoes I got.

I like the variety Dresslink offers and the clothes are VERY cheap. Nevertheless the items I got don’t look cheap or awkward, so that I would recommend to shop (also internationally) from Dresslink. Of course you have to be patient and wait for your package, but I think that this isn’t really annoying. My products looked exactly like the pictures of them and I was really satisfied with my selection.

Have you ever shopped something from Dresslink? Did you have good or bad experiences?


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