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I wanted to do an outfit style guide since I started the blog and now I really did it :D It’s summer time and with it the festival season has started and we have some month of summer before us where we can visit a lot of festivals or other open air events. It’s always difficult to find the right outfit combinations for this. You want to look trendy, fashionable and sometimes cool sometimes sweet but always casual to enjoy the whole day in your outfit.


Feel free to click on the pics to get more information where to get the products.

Since I love crop tops and bustiers my style guide is really based on them (excuse me for that, but they always look so bohemian, cool and edgy).

The first style is very girly, based on a flower theme (I love flower outfits >>click here<< for more) but combined with a light blue denim short to make it not too sweet and girly, but festival-like. The bustier has a flower theme in light colour like white, pink and soft blue, so that it matches perfectly with the light blue denim shorts. But the most important is the flower hair band to create a special and sweet but perfect look. I love flower hairbands, they always make a perfect summer mood and spice your outfit up.

If you feel more stylish and extraordinary I would suggest you to wear a hat (need reasons to wear a hat? >>click here<<). It’s really the best choice to give your outfit an edgy and cool, but also special touch. And on top you don’t need any sunglasses or any other protection for your eyes. Combined with a black decorative beaded bustier and a flowered black shorts with lace, which really looks casual and fashionable.

No matter what your mood and personal feelings are you can always wear a romper to look perfectly styledl. It’s the best choice if you don’t know what to wear or if you’re unsure. I love this orange romper with cut-outs since I’m really obsessed with cut-outs and I love to wear them no matter if wearing dresses (>>click here<<) or rompers like that. Combined with sunglasses with animal print you can create a casual and perfectly styled outfit.

Of course you need flat sandals for a festival. You’re the whole day on the go and you don’t have many opportunities to rest, since you want to enjoy the festival and not to sit down the whole time because your feet hurt. This golden flat sandals are very casual and though feminie.

A fringed clutch or bag is another must-have to look bohemian and trendy and to spice up every outfit.

No outfit looks perfect without the right makeup and I love red lips, so I would definitely combine it with a red lipstick like this from Topshop. I really like the strong red. Red lipstick is alwaays classy and fabulous.



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