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Junes Favourites: Add Some Summer Feelings To Your Beauty Routine

IMG_0835It’s already June again. The weather will get better this week here in Germany so that we’ll have the first summer temperatures. I really hope that we’ll have the great weather they promised this week :D I miss the summer and sunshine and I’m really hoping we have great weather here for some weeks in Germany.

But a new month with rising temperatures means new beauty favs, too. So welcome to this month’s favourites:

I’ll start with my two favourites colours (which can be mixed together) for the nails:

IMG_0842First of all this is my first RIMMEL London nail lacquer since ages. The brand isn’t available in German drugstores anymore, but I love RIMMEL products. Of course you can shop them online for example from Ebay or online stores like Asos. So I was really happy to shop this nail lacquer in Amsterdam, especially since I wanted to get one of the Rita Ora nail polishes. The collection of Rita Ora is so colourful and lovely and I wanted to get every shade of the bright, sunny and happy making shades. I decided to buy the shade 413 – Oragina (I love the name :D ). The shade is an orange in crayon, a great colour for sunny days and summer feelings. I t reminds me of beautiful flowers and cantaloupe melons.

IMG_0845To add a little bit more glamour to your nails, especially for going out in the evenings I love to use the shade Love Letter from CIATE, a sparkling nail polish with different red, orange and golden shades with glitter particles in different sizes. This one can be combined with other nail polishes easily like for example the one from RIMMEL. I love glitter nail polishes. They always give your nails an special effect but it’s really hard to remove the nail polish :D One of the worst beauty-struggles I have ;)

IMG_0849The most important thing in summer is to have full and hydrated lips. If you don’t want to use lipsticks, but still want to make your lips beautiful and a little bit bigger. A great gloss is the Sexy Mother Pucker from SOAP&GLORY. A lip gloss with a thick consistent. The gloss is nearly transparent, slightly very light red coloured, like the natural colour of the lips. While using the gloss you feel how your lips tingle slightly, but pleasant and your lips seem to get slightly more voluminous and these most of the lines and folds on the lips disappear. The gloss is slightly sticky, like most of the lip glosses but I think the effect is great, so that you can ignore this small disadvantage easily.

IMG_0840One of the must haves for me at the moment is the MAYBELLINE New Baby Skin – Instant Pore – Eraser, a lightweight primer to achieve smooth, even and poreless looking skin. I absolutely love this primer. I used the Benefit primer, too, but I think this one is really expensive, although your skin is the softest I ever had. This primer from Maybelline is not too expensive and your skin really feels great after the usage. The primer is transparent and can be distributed easily. After the usage your skin look great and feels soft and beautiful. The skin is smooth and your pores minimized. The skin looks healthier and even, simply beautiful. You can apply the primer alone or under makeup. I think this is a great tip for the festival season to take with you.

IMG_0847My must-have this month is the MAYBELLINE Fit Anti-Shine-Stick. I totally love it since I bought it (see my review >>here<<). The stick has a great consistence and it’s comfortable to take the stick with you, since it has a small size and a great effect. Your skin looks matte and blemishes aren’t visible anymore. It’s easy to use and your face look perfect after the usage of this foundation stick. I really recommend this to every make-up junkie. You should try it out.

IMG_0851It’s not a real beauty favourite, but I’m an IPURO junkie. I love the scents of the room scents, like the scent Lavender Love. The scent is so pleasant and a kind of delicious. I use the scents in every room. The scents aren’t overpowering or unpleasant. It’s the perfect intensity for a room scent. The bottles look beautiful and descent. Do you know the scent already?

What are your favourites this month?



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