MIZON Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream :)

IMG_0106Mizon is a Korean brand, famous for their Snail Recovery Cream, is a cult brand of the Korean beauty market. They use many unusual ingredients to achieve the best skincare effect. The Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream contains 30% hyaluronic acid and various kinds of tree sap to help your skin being hydrated, moisturized and smooth. This sounds really promising and I was very curious to try out the cream.


First of all I want to describe the packaging to you: the cream is delivered in a dark navy blue tube (45ml) with light blue and silver writing on it. Very simple and plain. Above the name of the cream you can see a drop above the letters “Hyaluronic” which looks very cute but nevertheless not too cute or sweet. The rest of the packaging is very plain.


The tube can be used like any other tube and you can dose the amount of cream which you need easily. You don’t need much cream to apply and distribute it on the skin and you can pat it slightly into your skin with your fingers. It isn’t sticky or greasy, more like a gel.


The cream feels very cooling and pleasant on the skin. You don’t see any visual advantages on your skin of the cream, but it feels very soft and smooth and your skin seems to be even and moisturized. After applying it my skin is well hydrated and it feels really good and refreshing. The effect lasts about 6 h. If you want to go out in the evening I would really recommend you to use the cream again. Afterwards your skin feels again well cared, refreshed, cooled and smooth.

All in all the cream seems to be really nice, and the price is really affordable for the effect. Especially now on summer days the cooling effect is very nice and I totally love this effect. I don’t know if this cream is really good for dry skin, I suppose you have to apply the cream more often. Since you don’t need much cream I think this isn’t really a great disadvantage. Of course you can add an oil or serum to strengthen the hydrating effect, too.

I think this cream is a very good base under my daily make-up routine, because my liquid foundation doesn’t settle easily into the skin-lines anymore.

Have you tried out this cream already? Do you know other products from Mizon?

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MIZON Hyaluronic Ultra Suboon Cream



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