Perfect Matte Skin With The Indefectible 24h Foundation From L’Oréal

IMG_0012Everybody is hyping the L‘Oréal INDEFECTIBLE 24h-matting foundation and of course I wanted to try it out by myself, too.

First of all: I bought this foundation about a month ago. Since the summer in Germany came earlier than I thought the colour (30 honey, the darkest shade available here in the local drugstores) doesn’t match to my skin colour anymore :D  It’s always the same in summer with my skin shade….every couple of weeks I need a new foundation! Nevertheless back to the review:

L’Oréal states that the foundation has a liquid texture, strong covering power and matte finish. It promises to make the skin look perfect, matte and looking fresh and even the whole time.


The foundation comes in a tube with 35ml for about 13 €. The packaging is partly transparent so that you can see the makeup colour and partly black. The size is perfect to hold it in your hand. It’s a very clear packaging, nothing special so that you aren’t distracted from the product through the packaging.


The usage of the foundation is very easy: like every liquid foundation you can apply it with the hands, a makeup-sponge or brush. In order to get the best results you should apply the foundation first at your t-zone and blend it out from there to your neck.


I really love how this foundation looks on my skin. You can see it on the pics of my hand below, that blemishes and other irregularities are covered very good and the skin doesn’t look oily but perfectly matte. The pores are minimized and the skin feels even and smooth. I really think the skin looks more fabulous and the fear of ugly shining skin on pictures or similar is surely not present anymore. The only “disadvantage” is that on hot days or if you’re having oily skin the effect wouldn’t last 24h but less. I don’t think that this is a huge problem since I always take foundation with me to correct my skin or I get home fast enough to renew my makeup.

Unbenannt-1I would recommend this foundation to normal, oily and combined skin. The foundation is (depending on the weather and your skin) really long-lasting but not 24 h. The texture of the foundation feels very good and the skin looks perfect even on pictures. You won’t need a matting powder if you use this foundation with normal skin types (I suppose if you have combination or oily skin you should use powder too to make it last longer and looking better). The price is average for drugstore products and you don’t need too much of the foundation to achieve a great effect.

IMG_0008Have you tried the foundation yet? Would you recommend it?

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