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IMG_0040I totally love effective nose stripes. I think it’s a great feeling to have your skin cleared and to know that there are no imperfections blackheads or any other blemishes left anywhere. Even not on your nose. I hate it, if you peel of the nose stripe and you feel over your skin and it seems like NOTHING changes.

IMG_0038The SkinFood Egg White Pack stripes are the opposite of this nasty non-effect: They totally do everything they’re promising and the effects are more than awesome. I’ve bought three different stripes of the Egg White Pack: The Peel-off Pack for Nose, The Cool Down Nose Pack and the Peel-off Pack for Forehead-Jaw.


The packaging of all the three products is very simple: You can see an egg on an unflashy package, where the product brand is stated and which product it is. On a small circle in the right bottom corner you can see on a drawn face where to place the stripes and for which area they can be used. Nothing is really spectacular or something else about the packaging, nevertheless I think it’s a little bit cute.


After washing your face and doing your skincare routine you have to wet the area where you want to use the stripe (nose, forehead or jaw) with water. If you don’t wet the areas, the sheets will not dry (I must admit since I didn’t know it I tried it out the first time without wetting the nose and it wasn’t effective after all :D). Afterwards you’ll have to remove the plastic and press the smooth side of the stripes on the needed areas. You’ve to wait now about 10 to 15 minutes until the sheet has dried completely. Afterwards peel it off gently and carefully to avoid any pain. After the usage tone and moisture your skin as usual.


The Peel-off stripes have a really great effect. I totally love to use them. You can have a look at your stripes to see your effects. I don’t have many problems with blackheads (but of course I ‘m hoping to avoid them with such nose stripes ;) ). Because of this I didn’t see as much on the stripes like others will experience, but of course I saw dirt and hairs, too on the stripes. I love to feel over the areas where I used the stripes, they feel soft and you have the feeling you’re looking better and your skin is feeling healthier. It’s like a little skincare extra for your skin and your nose, forehead and jaw will look beautiful after the usage.

IMG_0052If you want to prevent irritations although you’ve sensitive skin you should use the Cool-Down Pack afterwards, too. I really love this jelly consistence on the nose, which cools down the skin and is feeling refreshing and on summer months it’s really pleasant to feel this cool touch on the nose. The nose is feeling smooth and soft afterwards and it gives your skin a slightly glow afterwards which is a great add-on.

I would definitely recommend the Peel-Off Packs to everybody, since the effects are really great and your skin is purified and soft after the usage. You don’t have to use the  necessarily, but especially for someone who has very sensitive skin or just wants to do some extra-care for the skin, this is definitely the right product with a great benefit. I love these stripes and I rebuyed them several times since I tried them out.

Have you tried out any nose stripes until now? I personally think they’re a beauty must-have for everybody :)

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