Gift Ideas: Soufeel Jewellery <3

IMG_0072Have you thought of which accessory to wear at the next wedding as bridesmaid or wedding guest? Just thought of a gift idea for your best friend having birthday now? Soufeel is a brand selling jewellery: necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms. They offer free shipping on orders over 50$ with 365 days returns and worldwide shipping.

IMG_0076The jewellery from Soufeel is very beautiful and looks very good and detailed manufactured. The charms and the bracelet I got, are all of sterling silver and came in a very beautiful and lovely package. There was a gift box including the products and a gift case, to give it to somebody as present. The design of the gift case is very modest but elegant on a white background with the black letters. The box is wrapped by a light blue ribbon, looking very elegant and feminine.


The charms are all wrapped up carefully in the box in separate small plastic bags, so that nothing gets broken during the transport. Unpacking the charms and the bracelet was very exciting and I was so happy with the different charms after trying them out and making pictures of them.

IMG_0082Of course you have to choose a bracelet, before buying any charms. There are different possibilities to make yourself a charm bracelet: Leather bracelets, bangle or classic bracelets. I wanted to have a classic bracelet, which is more flexible but very elegant because of the silver material.

August Birthstone Olivine Charm

IMG_0091Since I have birthday in August, I loved to see this charm and I love the slightly olive colour and the elegant sparkling of the gems. The hearts on the round charm look very feminine and sweet.

Honey Bees Charm

IMG_0094This charm consisting of a flower and a bee looked so sweet, that I just NEEDED it. The bee is so sweet and I love themes with animals.

Seashell Charm

IMG_0090The Seashell Charm reminded me a little bit of Ariel – The Little Mermaid and I loved the theme and I just saw afterwards, that you can open the seashell and see a little small pearl.

Pumpkin Carriage Charm

IMG_0084Another Disney inspired motive I choose for my charm was the Pumpkin Carriage. I love everything about the Disney movies and especially the Disney princesses and the pumpkin carriage is an absolute must-have for everyone loving Cinderella.

Red Travel Suitcase

IMG_0087The Red Travel suitcase is a very funny and a little bit girly charm, for everyone who wants to show, that travelling is fabulous. I love the red colour, spicing the bracelet up.

IMG_0097Get The Look:

August Birthstone Olivine Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Honey Bees Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Seashell Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Pumpkin Carriage Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Red Travel Suitcase Charm 925 Sterling Silver

Exclusive 925 Sterling Silver Basic Bracelet

Feel free to share this beautiful gift idea :)

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