All In White: Monochrome Dress & Chucks



At the moment we have really great, sunny weather, making me want to wear more and more light shoes or sandals, which are comfortable to have a day-off, like going shopping, visiting cities and just walking around lakes and chilling in the sun.

No matter what I was planning to do outside, sometimes I just LOVE to wear not cool, comfortable and casual clothing but something feminine and elegant, although my feet don’t want to wear heels (and I have to confess I usually LOVE heeled shoes <3 ). Nevertheless I felt so good wearing this white, elegant dress, which looks a little bit Marilyn Monroe inspired with its shape. It made me feel summerlike, fashionable and classy. But I didn’t want to pair it with heeled shoes for going shopping.

IMG_0122Instead I chose to combine it with all white Converse Sneakers, which are slightly sparkling a little bit. This monochrome look seemed to be not only “cool” and “edgy” but feminine, too. I really like this little sparkles on the – all in all white – shoe.

IMG_0104Shoes are really a key-piece of your outfit. They can up and downgrade your combination or spicy it up. A breach of style is always a good way to make your outfit combination special and unique.

IMG_0128Of course you need the right jewellery to make your outfit perfect: I already introduced you my new bracelet from Soufeel (>>click here<< for previous post) with so many lovely charms. I totally love it, especially the pumpkin carriage, reminding me of Cinderella *_*. I love the sterling silver bracelet, which can have a sweet, childish, innocent, charming or elegant touch. Facts about Soufeel: Soufeel is a upcoming jewellery store, selling necklaces, bracelets, earrings, rings and charms. They offer free shipping on orders over 50$ with 365 days returns and worldwide shipping. You can combine many beautiful bracelets with charms to combine them to an unique gift for friends or for yourself.

IMG_0129Get The Look

Soufeel Charms (Bracelet, Travelsuitcase, Pumpkin Carriage, Seashell, Flower&Bee, August Birthstone)

Dress (similar)

Converse (similar, not sparkling)

What do you think of a breach of style within outfit combinations? Do you have favourite key pieces matching to everything you have?

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