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Everyone has beauty routines. Weather in skincare, nail care, haircare or makeup. My “classical” makeup look (if I don’t want to try something new out but I’m going out with my friends) is every time the same. Sometimes the eyeshadow colour differs or the lipstick, but mostly I have similar looks. This makeup look is very simple, but perfect for going out in the evening.


First of all you need a perfect, even and smooth skin to apply the decorative makeup: I always use a hydration creme, at the moment the MIZON hyaluronic creme (>>click here<< for review). This is the most important step to prepare your skin (apart from the rest of the skincare routine) for your make u

Afterwards I always use a whitening essence and a cc or bb cream.

IMG_0004At the moment I use the Daltokki Whitening Essence. The essence can be distributed easily and makes your skin (at first) white and even. You don’t see any dark or imperfect skin anymore. But of course the colour is white, so you have to use other products on it, especially if you have dark skin like me.

IMG_0007Additionally I try out the Maybelline Dream Bronze bb cream. This bb cream is a special edition for light to medium skin shades. The skin seems even, smooth and naturally tanned after the usage while covering blemishes with an additional UV protection. I personally have tried out many bb creams. I like this one, but I don’t LOVE it, since it doesn’t cover imperfection perfectly. But I like the effect how it looks on the skin: sun kissed and beautiful glowing.

Below you can see voth creams on my hands.

IMG_0033IMG_0034I never go out without foundation. I think, that foundation always looks more even and smooth than only a bb or cc creme. Since my skin isn’t perfect at all I need to use foundation to every occasion (or you could rather say I feel comfortable with it). My favourite foundation is the Bourjois Healthy Mix Foundation. The foundation is covering and long lasting. The skin looks very healthy and cared after the usage, and imperfections aren’t visible anymore. The skin is hydrated and the skin looks luminous and flawless. I would recommend this foundation to everyone, using a liquid foundation. I bought it in my last shopping haul, too (>>click here<< to see the video).

IMG_0011Below you can see the foundation on my hands.


IMG_0037For contouring (I just contour my nose and cheeks :D ) I love the Maybelline Fit Me! Anti-Shine Stick (>>click here<< for my review) and I totally LOVE this stick. The powdery finish is feeling fabulous on the skin and everyone should try this stick out.

IMG_0009Of course I use matting powder, especially for the T-zone, too. At the moment I use the Color World Professional Make Up powder, which is satisfying. It makes the makeup last longer and looking matte and fresh.


IMG_0018I already introduced you the Etude House Dreaming Swan Eye&Cheek Powder and I still love the beautiful design of the powder. I love the ballerina theme and the beautiful shade of the blush (>>click here<< for the review).


I never go out without lipstick. I always use a lip liner and a lipstick to make the look classy and feminine. I love the Artdeco Lip Liner. The lip liners aren’t really expensive (like e.g. the ones of MAC) but they stay very long on the lips and do a great job as preparation for a lipstick.

IMG_0031 IMG_0045As lipstick I would (although a lipstick costs 20 €) never miss the MAC Cosmetics lipsticks. You already know I love this lipsticks, especially the matte ones. Since they are very long lasting, hardly bleed out and the colours are always intensive (>>click here<< for review)


IMG_0022Since I love to wear eyeshadow while going out, especially in the evenings the PONY eyeshadow Palette is a must-have. The palette consists of 8 colours which you can see below on my arm. I love to use it, since the shades are slightly shining and matching to each other. You can create very beautiful Smokey Eyes or similar to Smokey Eyes styles for the evening.

IMG_0023 IMG_0040To achieve a classier look I always use eyeliner. I love winged eyeliner styles; learning how to do winged eyeliner is very easy. They make almondy eyes and looking elegant. But no matter how many eyeliner I tried out before, I’ve never seen and tested a better eyeliner than the p2 Beauty Insider (although it is one of the cheapest eyeliners of the local drugstores here in Germany!). You can make perfect, long lasting and waterproof lines with this eyeliner. If you fall asleep after a long night out you’ll have the same eye line on your lid the morning afterwards :D

IMG_0029To have long lashes with volume. I love the L’Oréal Miss Manga Mascara, which I have introduced you already in a previous post (>>click here<<).

P1210082 P1210084What is your make up routine? What do you never miss while going out?

Please feel free to share and comment :)

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Pony Eyeshadow Palette

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