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Yeaaah, another Doubox arrived last week. You know I’m addicted to beauty boxes. I simply LOVE the concept of them. I didn’t have the opportunity to write about the box last week, so I’ll take the chance and review you my box, since I’m in Barcelona over my birthday today until Thursday I don’t have any opportunity to write another blog post there.

If you read my last Doubox review (>>click here<<) you know I liked it, but it wasn’t the best box I received and I was a little bit sad, that the new concept of the box meant to get smaller products. So I was very curious and skeptical about this box:


I was so happy to see this Macadamia No Tangle Brush ( original size, 14,99€) in the box. I usually use a Tangle Teezer and I’m so satisfied with it, so that I wouldn’t change it in for a normal brush again. But this one has the same brushes like the Tangle Teezer and feels the same while brushing through your hair. What I like about it, is that your split ends and fissure fracture are minimized and your hair shall look more shiny after the usage. I didn’t notice the shiny effect, since I only brushed my wet hair with it, but I can recommend this brush to everyone searching a high quality alternative to the Tangle Teezer. It feels very good and easy brushing your hair, without pulling to much and damaging your hair.


The Batiste Dry Shampoo Cherry (50ml, 1,79€) is something I was curious to try out for ages. But there wasn’t any opportunity where it would be useful for me to buy a dry shampoo. Nevertheless everyone is hyping this product, which makes me very excited to make my experiences with it. The dry shampoo stated to refresh your hair giving it a voluminous and vitalized feeling.


It feels like I get Annayake products in every beauty box from Douglas. It’s a little bit funny, but since the products are always stated to be high quality products, this isn’t really bad. I was a little bit disappointed that the Annayake Cleansing Foam only contains 15ml (100ml, 34,99€) but I’ll try it out on my trip in Barcelona and I hope it is a cleansing foam to recommend to you.


Another “small” product are the DCER flash tattoos (original size, 4,99€). I usually love flash tattoos. They’re perfect for summer and make every outfit extraordinary and unique , BUT: Seriously there are only two tattoos to use as bracelet or similar. I was so disappointed to see that, since you can get really cheap flash tattoos anywhere and I thought a huge perfumery like Douglas could really afford to give us some more in a beauty box :D And thinking of the price for two tattoos I never would pay nearly 5 €….

Nevertheless the last product seems really interesting for hot summer days: Beauty Made Easy – Oil Blotting Sheets Lavender (80 sheets, 7,49€). These sheets instantly absorb oil, minimizes pores and mattifies the skin. This sounds like a great product, but I haven’t tried any oil blotting sheets out until now, I’m so excited to use them and review them, especially for a night out in a club or one of the last hot days in summer, this pack seems to be a must have. I’ll definitely keep you up to date with this product.

All in all I liked three products out of five, and the box seems to be okay, although I have to confess that the box seemed to be better before they changed the concept. I’m excited what I get in my next box and I love the feeling of getting a surprise, like a little gift every month to yourself.

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