The Power Of Violet On Your Lips


Since I got these two lip products from my trip in Paris I knew I had to review them on my blog. Although I introduced  you already the Urban Decay High Color Gloss (shade “Bittersweet“) and the MAC Cosmetics lipstick (shade “Cyber“) in my YouTube video (>>click here<< to watch it) I really think these two shades are absolutely gorgeous and worth a separate review.


I’ll start with the Urban Decay lip gloss: I saw this shade on an advertisement and I was immediately obsessed with this colorful and unique shade for lips. It looked so fabulous and magical , I couldn’t resist to buy it. I didn’t try it out, I just opened the lip gloss, looked at it and fell just more in love with it.


The consistence of the gloss is very pleasant, feeling smooth and soft and making your lips feeling cared and soft like baby lips. The color shines and sparkles very beautiful and it looks simply fruity and summer like. The gloss isn’t long lasting (since it is a gloss), but I’m so addicted to use it all the time, so that doesn’t matter for me personally, since I don’t expect any gloss being really long Lasting.


The lipstick from MAC Cosmetics (and I already reviewed two other shades >>here<< & >>here<<) isn’t a matte lipstick like I mostly use. This “Satin” lipstick in the very dark violet, nearly black shade isn’t so long lasting like the matte ones, but the color is so unique and a kind of gloomy. This dark shade is edgy and cool and definitely very unique. I agree, that the shade is extraordinary and you can’t wear it for every occasion like for example an office job, but the shade looks so cool and makes your look sophisticated , what makes it perfect for a night out. The formula of the lipstick is very pleasant and soft , too, like you know it from MAC lipsticks and feels very gentle on the lips.


What do you think of unique colors for your lips? Do you stick to pink & red shades or have you already tried out this violet trend?

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