Being 21 Again: For Ever And Ever and Ever21

4aYesterday there was finally another store opening event from Forever21 next to the city I live in. In Bochum (Germany) another store opened and the grand opening event was supposed to be as great as the last one in Düsseldorf. The first 150 people got a 21 Euro coupon to shop and there where some nice little promotion events, like a photo booth, vitamin water drinks and flash tattoos for the customers.


Luckily I got one of the coupons to shop there and although we waited quite a while outside the shop we were really excited when we could enter. Forever21 isn’t an usual store in Germany. There isn’t a store in every city and so all the girls and some boys were enthusiastic to see which clothing lines the store would bring to us. Especially since some people don’t like to shop online and prefer to see how the clothing looks on them.


It was a very exciting event and there were really many people, so that the security and staff had lots to do, but the opening happened without difficulties and the staff was prepared for the huge amount of people and handled it very well.


The new autumn fashion of Forever 21 consists mainly on brown, black and dark yellow/red/green shades, typically for the season. Many items are fringed, consist of leather or sued or are patterned. The whole collection is very beautiful and they have many unique pieces and perfect accessory and shoes.


I also shopped a little bit, but since the changing rooms were chock-full I didn’t try on everything and only bought some pieces, since I didn’t want to wait a second time to try the clothing on.


I got a black top, perfect for going out, fringed, and cropped with a very interesting , half-transparent fabric, looking very unique, fashionable and a little bit bohemian.


The high heeled, black booties are looking a little bit rocky and edgy, you look way more taller than you are with them, and it feels so cool wearing them. I totally love this cool, rock-chic-look.


Since I didn’t want to try on another bunch of things I decided to go more for small tings, like this holographic-statement-mirror (you know I’m in love with that holo-trend) and of course everyone needs sweet and girly socks, like this mermaid socks or cool ones looking like a shark :D So funny ones! I couldn’t resist to buy them (and YES, they were shown near the cash point, and YES it influenced me a lot :D It’s so predictable to place products there…)


I LOVE Forever21 and it was a great event to take part. I’m so lucky they opened another store near to my city and I hope I’ll find many opportunities to shop there :D (I’m sure I will :D)

Get The Look



Skirt (similar)

Socks (funny, similar)




Eye Liner

Eye Shadow




Lip Pencil

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