Fall in Love with Fake Fur & Leather


It’s getting colder and colder these days and yes the wardrobe is changing: Instead of summer dresses and light jackets we need other clothing. My favorite picks in autumn are fake fur and leather clothing with dark shades and of course my hair needs a change, too. Since no hair dresser wanted to color my hair in pastel shades I decided to do something easy on my own and I colored my hair on myself in a red shade. You know dark hair is always difficult in adopting hair colors and I’m lucky if anyone can see the change :D Luckily now the color seems to last. It’s a very dark red, but I’m happy with the hair color, since wine red is one of my favorite shades. Do you have similar problems with changing your hair color? :) Dark hair can be very annoying….


Nevertheless (back to the clothing again) clothing in autumn is so beautiful. The dark shades match perfectly together and I love the combination of fake fur with fake leather: A must have this season is a leather skirt, like this red wine one from H&M (last season) and cape or poncho. This one is a hooded cape (also H&M last season) and I spiced it up with a fake fur collar to get a kind of elegant but edgy. The whole outfit seems to look a bit dark, a little bit gothic-like and rocky, especially with the MAC lipstick in the shade “cyber”.

11990984_10203300427350946_1746901257_oTo make the outfit perfect you need a matching purse, like this one (since it was a gift, I don’t know from where it is bought) in a sweet cat shape , looking beautiful and making the look more playful.


What do you think of fake fur and leather together? I like to combine a bodyhugging skirt with a loose, cool cape, making the outfit more casual.


Get The Look

Cape (similar >>here<< & >>here<<)

Fake Fur Collar (similar >>here<<)

Skirt (similar >>here<<)

Bag (similar >>here<<)

Foundation (>>here<<)

Eye Shadow (>>here<<)

Eye Liner (>>here<<)

Mascara (>>here<<)

Lipstick (>>here<<)

Rouge (>>here<<)



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