Friday Night – Not Without Kate!


Thanks God It’s Friday! Yeaaaah! It’s time to go out with your friends or girls to have a perfect night out with the perfect outfit, even better makeup and the most fabulous makeup to look amazing and gorgeous. Nothing suits better to every outfit, no matter if you want to look cool, casual, elegant or just awesome than red lips.

It’s obvious that you need a long lasting, not smudging lipstick to stay the night out which feels pleasant and soft on your lips without dehydrating them.


Recently I’ve bought the Rimmel Kate – Matter-Lipstick in the shade 111, a very string, darker red shade, which is a really beautiful color. Usually I love using MAC matte lipsticks (see my last two reviews >>here<<&>>here<<)but I heard so many great things about this lipstick so I couldn’t resist to buy it, since it doesn’t cost 20 € like the MAC ones but about 8,50€. This is a great price for a lipstick promising to be long lasting with a soft formula.



The lipstick comes in a red lipstick tube, very plain, simple red and on the lid you can see the font “Kate” as signature with a sweet, small heart next to it. It looks really sweet.



The usage is as easy as every normal lipstick. You can easily apply it on your lips through the regular form of it. You can use a lip primer or lip liner in order to make the lipstick last longer, but this isn’t necessary.


The color looks very strong and feels so soft and pleasant on the lips. The lips don’t feel dry after the usage but cared and moisture. I have to confess the lipstick doesn’t last as long as the MAC ones, BUT you can even eat and drink with the lipstick and the color is still visible very good and looks perfect on the lips. After some hours you definitely have to put another layer on to keep it look fresh and beautiful red, again.


My personal resume about that lipstick is: I will definitely try out other colors or rebuy this shade, since the price is okay and it has a good long lasting formula without feeling heavy or sticky on the lips. I usually apply every lipstick at least two times while going out, so I don’t have a bad feeling to reapply this one, too after some time. I like that you can drink and eat something without feeling that you lost your whole lipstick and you feel uncomfortable and “undressed” :D


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