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You know I’m a huge fan of Korean cosmetics and skincare products. Before some time I purchased the CLIO Water Me Please BB-cream. I saw many very positive reviews on YouTube and on reviews in online shops and I was very curious about that bb cream. I often try out different products and I’m so excited about finding great, new products for my skin.

CLIO has three different kinds of bb creams: Diamond Shimmering (whitening and wrinkle improvement), Small Face (cooling components) and Water Me Please (hydration for moisture, radiant skin) BB-cream. Every of this bb creams has different advantages. Since I wanted to have a moistening bb cream to hydrate and care my skin, I decided to buy the Water Me Please bb-cream.

5The Water Me Please cream stated to provide a hydration for 24 hours, diminish pores, dark spots and radiant from the inside while having a texture that softens the look of wrinkles and lines. On top the bb cream has SPF 30PA++ and makes the skin looking fresh while being lightweight.

Again a bb cream sounding very promising and perfect for very hot summer days or upcoming winter days, to hydrate and moisture the skin enough.



This packaging is again very simple and feminine, but clear and not sweet or very special. The packaging is silver, with the name of the bb cream on it. The only English words on the packaging are: “high Moisturizing, Perfect Coverage Effect – SPF 30 PA++” and the list of ingredients containing Shea Butter & Zinc Oxide. The rest of the information on the packaging is Korean. I like this plain packaging, although I would prefer a funny and sweet one, this seems very elegant.



You can use this creamy bb cream like any other bb cream. You can use it alone or , like I recommend to you (especially if you have a combination skin like me  in summer to avoid looking to hydrated/oilly around the nose ;) ), with a primer. I always use bb creams with makeup (I know this isn’t the sense of bb creams, but the most bb creams are too pale for my skin and I have the feeling the makeup looks smooth and even with a bb cream below :D). The bb cream comes with a tube , so that you can easily apply the bb cream on your face. The cream is just available in this one shade, if you have a darker skin shade like me, you cannot use it alone, although the color adapts slightly your skin shade (perhaps I can use it in winter alone).



A huge YES for this bb cream. It has the typical bb cream smell, similar to that from other bb creams smelling fresh and creamy. It doesn’t feel as if you’re wearing make-up when you apply the bb cream, it is really very lightweight, while covering imperfections very well (it doesn’t cover EVERY single imperfection, but most of them , especially red spots and small ones very good).The skin feels hydrated and cared while seeming to be soft, smooth and cared. I wouldn’t say that the hydration lasts 24h, but at least the skin moisture last for some hours, so that you can go out relaxed while your skin is adequately supplied. Small lines (since I don’t have deep wrinkles) are filled up a little bit, so that you’re looking slightly younger and fresh all the time.


If you’re searching for a bb cream hydrating your skin very well and searching a cream covering imperfections this cream is especially for pale skin types the perfect bb cream. It’s such a pity, that it is only available in this one shade, but most Korean bb creams aren’t available for dark skin types. Because of this, I would rather search for a slightly darker bb cream next time, but the cream is really worth a try. Especially the SPF is very important for hot summer days.

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