Unboxing Doubox September


Yeaaah, time for a new unboxing again :) Finally my Doubox (a Beauty Box of the German Perfumery Douglas) arrived and I was so excited and  happy to see my new beauty surprises! So this is what I got and a small first impression of the products:


Korres  Cherry Lip Gloss – Shade 33 NUDE 6 ml

One of the most important autumn essentials? Nude Lips :) Nothing matches better to a cozy and fluffy  sweater in brown & cream shades. The lip gloss is sparkling slightly, and the scent of cherry is so pleasant. The shade is really beautiful,too. But since it is a gloss, it isn’t really very long lasting like a lipstick (of course) and unfortunately a very little bit sticky on the lips. Nevertheless the color is very strong and looking very gorgeous on the lips.

IMG_0114 IMG_0116


Alessandro Heel Rescue Balm 50ml

This Recue Balm helps to predict your feet of hard skin and with Shea Butter&Allantoin it’s perfect to care for your feet. Especially during the cold days our feet deserve more attention and I have to confess that I miss doing something caring for my feet, too. I hope I will change my routine with this Recue Balm.


Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

This 2 in 1 Deep Cleansing Cloth exfoliates skin, gently removes makeup and helps to stimulate circulation to reveal brighter and healthy skin. The Cleansing Cloths are long lasting and washable. You can use this with cleanser, too to make the effects perfect. I haven’t used something like that until now, so I’m really excited about that one. Have you ever tried out a similar product?


Ivybands Hair Ribbon

I always wanted to try out one of that Ivybands hair ribbons, since I’m working out really often and I suppose they can be very useful for workout. I’m excited if they keep their promise of not slipping of no matter what you’re doing.


Sexyhair Spray&Play Hairspray 50ml

This volumizing hairspray states to make your hair big and beautiful, but flexible with a beautiful gloss. The hair spray doesn’t stick together your hair and  feels good on the hair. I haven’t tested it for a long time until now, though.

All in all the box seems to be very interesting. I’, so curious about the Ivybands hair ribbon and the Cleansing Cloth, since I haven’t used something like that before. The nude lip gloss is really beautiful, although the formula is a little bit sticky, but I like the gloss (of course not with loose hair :D)


Get The Products

Korres Cherry Lip Gloss – Shade 33

Alessandro Heel Rescue Balm

Human + Kind Deep Cleansing Cloths

Ivybands Hair Ribbon

Sexyhair Spray&Play Hairspray



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