Starting The Week With Moto Leggings & Leopard Print


A couple of weeks ago, Dressgal, an  Asian online shop, asked me to review their products. After I looked at their page I immediately agreed to choose some products to have a closer look at them.Dressgal describes themselves in following words: “We are aimed at to offer all kinds of fashion and the latest style clothing for women, including dresses, skirts, bags, lingerie’s, leggings, sweaters, shoes and accessories here.”. Do I agree? Yes. From the first look they have nearly everything you can be searching for. The variety is very huge and there are many unique pieces on their shop and on top the pieces are cheap.

Of course I was curious if the material and styles would look low budget or not in reality, since you often see beautiful pictures on the shops, but in reality it looks awkward or not well crafted. I waited patiently because shipping to Germany always takes it time from outside of Europe and I was so excited about the pieces I choose.

Then the package arrived I immediately opened it and I was so surprised, that every single piece was packed in a separate plastic bag, so that nothing could happen while sending the package to me. I never made this experience with an online shop, selling such cheap clothing, which made a very positive impression.

I choose a white blouse with leopard printing highlights , a leather leggings with lace parts and a clutch to have a complete outfit. These three pieces (a complete, matching outfit) costs under 20$ with shipping fee! – Amazing isn’t it?!


The material of the clothing feels and looks very good, it could be from any usual shop like H&M, Only or any shop else selling average prieced clothing, even the leather leggings didn’t look or feel cheap (which is always the most critical fabric). Whereas the blouse really feels very soft and smooth like a more expensive fabric. Only the buttons have to been tightened , but there are alternative buttons in the package, too for the case of loosing some. On top there isn’t any plastic scent of the clothing.






For the blouse I choose a size M (since I always have problems with blouses and my shoulders) and didn’t have any problem. The leggings was one size, BUT I think I’m the last size which can wear it :D Asians seem to have another one size then we have…I would guess only up to size larger S to M can wear the leggings. So be careful when ordering one size items and have a look at the shape of the clothing to ensure that you don’t have to send the items back.


Luckily everything matched finally, although I got a little bit afraid seeing the leggings, but thanks god it is a stretch material.

What do you think of my little outfit haul from Dressgal?

All in all having a look at the pictures and my feelings while wearing it, this online shop is definitely worth to try, especially as online shopping addict. If you want to compare my photos with the online shop pictures feel free to click on the links below, to ensure a comparison.

Get The Products from Dressgal




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