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Oh wow, it’s nearly middle of November now, time passes by soon :D Christmas is coming closer :)) This week is really exhausting and the weather is sooooo bad for taking photos…I hate this light (if you find the right time for taking pictures it is still awkward…). In one of my last posts, I told you about a store you can customize cases yourself and make your mobile looking good. This time I have a blog post letting YOU look fabulous, unique and extraordinary:

SUMMISURA is an online shop delivering customized clothing , which sounds sooooo unbelievable cool, especially for me, since I can’t wear blouses or long sleeves often as I love playing volleyball (and always have troubles with my shoulders & sleeves). SUMMISURA believes that all women should have the possibility to express themselves through their own style. They don’t care about usual sizes but use their own made-to-measurement for their clothing.

At first you can choose what you want to customize for yourself ( shirts, blazer, blouses…) and afterwards you can specify how your item should look: I choose a blouse , since this is always the most difficult thing for me to buy. After choosing the length of the sleeves, sleeve details, the fitting pass-form, hemline, collar style, fastening, cuffs style, pockets and shoulder straps you can choose a the color & fabric.

The next step is the measurement: It was so interesting (and awkward :D) and exciting to measure my own body and type in all the information for the 3-D configurator (yes, it’s time for a diet again, but now also time for cookies and Christmas pastry :D). And TADAAAA there you have your own customized, unique and perfect fitting blouse. At least this is what they say.

After I got my blouse I totally agree to that: I never had a blouse which is not straining anywhere and the blouse is looking perfect for the office and for free time. The checked patterns looks so sweet and girly. The fabric of the blouse is looking and feeling very beautiful and there aren’t any redundant seams anywhere on the blouse. On top I can wear it to a casual occasion with (for example) a simple denim skirt or to office with an elegant and chic blazer.

I definitely need to try out their skirts or anything else from their categories. This was so exciting :) Perhaps this is also a great idea to gift yourself for Christmas to express yourself and having something unique and exceptional in your wardrobe.

Have you tried out SUMMISURA or any other measured clothing yet?



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