Outfit Inspiration: Bohemian, Nerdy Sailor Moon

Happy Weekend beauties :) It’s Saturday and of course time to go out or hang up with your friends, while looking fabulous and fashionable and of course autumn ready!

Today I decided to wear a camel brown suede-skirt with fringes (you already know I love combining different trends :D ), looking a little bit bohemian, but fashionable and trendy with a quite basic top in burgundy from Pull and Bear (this shade *_*) although my hair is (slightly) red in the moment (depending on the light) :D

Buuuuuut that wouldn’t be a perfect outfit without the right accessory:   I immediately fell in love with that arm cuff, while seeing it the first time on ASOS and although I showed it to you in a previous post, I’m still thinking it’s so cute and perfect for going out. It makes every outfit unique, detailed and a little bit festival-ready :D I will LOVE this cuff even more next summer during the festival season. And of course everyone following my blog knows, I love unique & extraordinary clutches and again I found a PERFECT one for me on ASOS from Skinnydip (they sell such gorgeous clutches, everyone unique and also a great gift idea for Christmas, if you’re searching something extraordinary and unusual for fashion addicts). My new clutch looks like a lucky cat, BUT exactly like Artemis of Sailor Moon, too, with the half moon on it *_* Oh Sailor Moon…….I’m loving this Manga and the Anime so much *_* It was the first Manga my sister and I bought and still definitely one of the best ones :)

I’m quite feeling like Sailor Moon (or perhaps rather Sailor Pluto because of my hair?:D) today :D Strong, but scatty :D hahaha


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