Unique Gift Idea For Social Media Addicts

Hello November :)

Christmas is coming… I know that we just “survived” Halloween and most of you won’t think of X-Mas yet, but  it’s never to early to think of great, amazing and personal gift-ideas.

So starting with personal gift-ideas I’ll introduce you a perfect way to make a personalized and unique gift for your friends and family, especially for those who are addicted to their electronic devices (like me :D). If you know someone or you are someone who is always carrying his mobile phone or notebook with yourself, you probably know the problem of having scratches or anything else on your devices. But for this case you probably should think of a case. And what sounds more interesting, unique and personal than a self designed case, which you can always carry with yourself?

CaseApp offers you the possibility to design your own skins or cases. Either you can choose of their designs or you can upload your own picture. In addition you can make a collage, too in order to use more than one theme for your device.  Of course you can also but a personal message or anything else you image on your self designed case or skin which makes it perfect as a gift idea for your beloved ones: your bff, bf or family.

I choose a skin for the Mac Book Pro Retina, since there wasn’t a case for my HUAWEI, since HUAWEI mobile devices aren’t so common. The skin protects against scratches, is easy to change and leaves no residue although it is an adhesive skin. The material seems to be very solid and thickly, so that it doesn’t look cheap or unstable.

But the best of all: If you use the coupon code LOVELYACASE you get 20% discount on your order on CaseApp to choose the perfect gift for X-Mas. What do you think of it?


Unfortunately the MacBook I wanted to take the pictures with is damaged right now..So I hope you can see everything clearly, though…



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