Winter Must Have – Fake Fur

No trend is inspiriting me more than fake fur. Either you love or you hate it :D For me fake fur doesn’t only look more than fashionable, cozy and edgy, but also unique and extraordinary. A clothing piece of fake fur makes every outfit eye-catching and of course you won’t freeze so easily anymore :D So another argument for fake fur.

This year you see fake fur EVERYWHERE. Even last year I thought that there couldn’t be more fake fur in the stores, but it definitely  just invaded the stores and the style are getting more and more creative. It’s not just the usual “fake fur” with leopard print (I LOVE leopard print, this would be totally enough for me :D) but you can’t imagine the color full fake fur designs.

Especially jackets and coat are a huge must have now in the winter season.  It’s eye-catching but beautiful, too and everyone standing next to you wants to get his or her hands on the cozy and soft fake fur.

I bought two coats in the last year and this year I definitely need a jacket , too :D They both have the typical leopard print on them, one in a darker shade and one in the typical “natural” shade.

What do you think about fake fur? Do you hate it or love it?

Since this two jackets are sold out and not available any more, I’ll show you alternatives of the different styles of the most fashionable and amazing looking jackets.



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