Bronze And Brown Shades

Happy St Nicholas Day to you all

As you all know, I’m a ASOS junkie. And yes, I have to confess, that it’s so easy to affect me with shopping coupons or discounts :D For example Black Friday Deals. Yes. The shopping industry is loving everybody who is influenced as easy as me :D I always think “hey I have enough clothing in my wardrobe” and then suddenly from close to scratch there is a discount on the whole collection and /or on the things I looked at previously. And to be honest, nobody can resist a good deal, am I right or am I right? :D

So after as small virtual shopping trip I got this amazing, cozy and soooo fluffy cardigan colored in beautiful dark, bronze and black colors. I love the combination of the three colors, looking a kind of festive because of the sparkling elements in the bronze color but also comfy through the fabric. The best: you can wear it with a basic shirt, or if you want to go out with a party look below.

The cardigan is very eye catching and you don’t need any accessory to grade it up. The rest of the outfit doesn’t need to be unique or special and I decided to compare it to a simple suede leather skirt and dark brown suede boots with small, round rivets on it. This brown shades match so beautiful to the cardigan.

Have you already thought of a Holiday outfit? I’m currently thinking of so many possibilities how to combine my clothing :D That’s one of the things I LOVE about the Holiday season, although the weather is so cold:(



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