December Mishibox – Winter Essentials

Oh I love December beauty boxes :) The Mishibox came late (Christmas packages surprised the German post offices, like every year ;) )but I was so happy I got it before NYE, since I wanted to show you my unboxing again :)

First of all, the package was a little bit damaged, so I didn’t took a photo of it, but that doesn’t matter because the products didn’t take any damage. The German post office here is a little bit rough to the packages at the moment. I get so many half damaged packages, but luckily inside it everything was always okay.

This time there are 6 FULLSIZED products in the box and my second Mishibox just convinced me again, that I’ve spend my money wisely :D How else should you spend it as in things you can see or feel?! I can’t imagine a better way to spend it….

Back to the unboxing:

A’Pieu – Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patch – 1 $

I love spot patches. I made so many positive experiences with them, and when you have a blemish, this is the BEST way to make fight against it. I haven’t tried the Spot Patches from A’Pieu, but Tea Tree essential oil is always a good ingredient against  blemishes. The combination with grape seed oil and hyaluronic acid sounds really awesome for the skin to soothe the troubled skin.

MISSHA – Konjac Cleansing Puff – 5 $

Oh yes, a cleansing puff :)) Do you already use any Cleansing Puffs? I use them really often. Mostly I use drugstore puffs, but I’m excited to  use the one from MISSHA to clean and massage my face during the skincare routine. The puff helps to absorb sebum, clear pores and remove dead cells.

TONY MOLY – Delight Circle Lens Mascara – 8 $

The mascara from TONYMOLY is very popular and I heard many good things about it. The mascara has an intense color, is smudge free and offer plenty of curling. I’m not sure if this one will fit to my eyelash-routine (since I love a dramatic false lash look) but I’m very curious to try it out.

TONY MOLY – Hand Cream Apple – 10 $

The apple hand cream from Tony Moly is extremely  moisturizing, perfect for the winter season to care for your dry hands. I LOVE this one. I already had  the Tony Moly Apple night cream for the face and the smell of this product line is so amazing. It smells so fruity, fresh, as if you’re cutting a sweet, red apple right in front of your nose. This scent is absolutely amazing :D You won’t believe that if you don’t smell it by yourself! The hand cream inserts fast into the skin and the skin feels so cared and soft afterwards, without feeling greasy or oily. I NEED that hand cream again if that one is empty.

TOSOWOONG – Enzyme Powder Wash – 11 $

Oh I’m so happy to get a cleanser in my box, since my is nearly empty. The cleanser is formulated with Vitamin E and Papain Enzyme to leave the skin feeling fresh, clean and soft, without any dryness. They recommend to use it with a cleansing puff (hahahaha, coincidence?! ;) ) It’s so intressting that it’s a powder instead of the usual gel/cream form :D

TOSOWOONG – Sheet Mask Propolis – Skin Lifting – 2 $

Oh yes, lifting is so important. I will keep this one for the day after NYE to give my skin something back after the fabulous party night. Propolis improves the skin elasticity and all the mask shall provide whitening and anti wrinkle benefits. Sounds like a great one. The best of it: It is a sheet mask. I love the fact that sheet masks are so easy to use and thanks god, even if you’re totally stressed or you don’t have time to spend 20 minutes to wash of the rest of the mask from your face.

I feel I have a lot of new goodies and I’m so curious to try them all out. Especially now in winter it is really important to care more for your skin, due to the cold weather. I think I’m prepared to survive January, even if it get’s colder :D

I’m really impressed by the products on the first view /try. Again Mishibox had a very good variety of products, especially for those who always wanted to try out Korean beauty products, but didn’t know what to buy.

I hope you all enjoy the last days in this year, such an exciting year for me, with starting this blog :) Enjoy yourselves and spend the time with your family or friends to celebrate the new year perfectly. Have fun :)

Get The Products

A’Pieu – Nonco Tea Tree Spot Patch

MISSHA Natural Konjac Cleansing Puff

TONY MOLY – Delight Circle Lens Mascara

TONY MOLY – Hand Cream Apple

TOSOWOONG – Enzyme Powder Wash

TOSOWOONG – Sheet Mask Propolis – Skin Lifting



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