It’s Magical..Elfish…ELFIE SELFIE :)

One day left and it’s CHRISTMAS! I’m so excited and so curious about the next days :D And of course I’m happy to spend more time with my beloved ones!  From tomorrow on there will be three days full of eating, talking, drinking and of course: more eating and eating and (hopefully) still looking fabulous at day three :D

Today I prepared a little outfit, showing my actual mood: elfish, magical and a little bit Christmas-crazy :D


Everyone of you know the “Katy Perry” collaboration with H&M – and yes – I fell in love with one of her sweaters from the advertisings: The Elfie-Selfie Sweater :D Everyone following me on Instagram saw it already, and knows I’m addicted to that sweet, girly, funny, and ironic sweater :D It’s such a beautiful piece with the sequins on it.  Ad the best of it: it’s a perfect piece for photo booth or elfish accessory :D


Did someone say elfish accessory? Yeah….Have you wondered who bought the elf-accessories from ASOS? Yep, it was me :D I actually couldn’t resist to buy them and put them on with this sweater :D

By the way, do you remember the elf-clutch from Skinnydip In bought from ASOS (>>click here for post<<)? I thought this would look just too sweet, too much Christmas-ready and  too kitschy, but I did it….I combined it with that outfit and I still have to laugh out by myself thinking of that outfit :D Perhaps I will surprise my family with it tomorrow :D

What are you planning for the next days? Are you as excited as me and waiting eagerly to enjoy the Christmas days?

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and wonderful festive and happy days with all of your beloved friends and family. Enjoy the time to relax and have fun my dear friends :3







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