Magical Long Hair

Have you ever thought about using (human hair) extensions to have more volume or longer hair? I thought about it several times, but never actually tried extensions, since it seamed to be awkward to wear someone else’s hair, and you don’t know exactly from whom it is…The good thing: you can wash(very important because of the hygienic factor!!), color and style it however you want , like your normal hair.

So when I was asked if I want to review the extensions of Irresistible Me, I was very skeptical, but also felt that I NEED to try it out. What should be better than longer hair, or perhaps colored hair tips? Every hairdresser told me I should not color my tips, but use extensions. This sounds like an amazing opportunity to try it out.

First of all I had to choose the length and the weight of the extensions from the Silky Touch category. From 14″ up to 24″ you can get every length you want. The weight (100g, 140g and 200g) is also an important factor. If you want to get thicker hair, you should choose 200g, but of course a 14″ with 200g will look thicker than a 24″ with 200g weight. My usual hair is very long and thick, so I wanted to try even LONGER extensions: 24″ and 200g in the shade Silky Rosewood out of 12 different blonde, brown, black and red shades. This looked like it would match with my favorite color from Garnier Olia, which I use every time I color my hair.

Everything I had to do after my selection was to wait patiently and buy hair color :D The shipping was very fast and I was so curious about the extensions, although I still had an awkward feeling using real human hair (which is not mine) in a few days :D

The Packaging

The product was  packed very carefully: In the box the strand of hair are carefully wrapped into a hairnet and this one is packed into a reclosable plastic bag. In the hairnet the hair was separated into different clip in “packs” and some alternative clips are delivered into the package, too.

The Usage

The first time it was a little bit difficult to clip the extensions into the hair. I had problems finding the right place for them and make the clips stay in the hair. But the second time I tried it, it was much easier: I separated the different wisp of hair from my own head and clipped them away, so that it was easier to clip the extensions in the hair area at the bottom. There are several bigger, some middle and 2 small clips, all of them very long, looking very healthy and cared. When you have thin hair, you can’t clip in EVERY one of the extensions, since you would see the clips below your own hair. If you already have normal or thick hair, you can clip in every one of them, just be careful where to clip them in, so that it doesn’t look unrealistic or artificial. I used for the straightened hair all of the extensions (my first try) and the next day with the curled hair just 4 of them. I have to confess it would be cleverer to use more hair for volume and curs than for straightened hair, but I didn’t think of it until now :D

As a small reminder here you see my hair usually at the moment, with the current length, so that you can see the difference:

The Effect

Yes the hair is longer, more voluminous, cared and looks really beautiful and very LONG! The perfect hair-upgrade for any Holiday-Party to look like a Diva. I have to confess that I think all of the clips are really to massive for me personally, and it felt not real for me. I always thought of the clips, since I felt them, but the second day with less of the clips I didn’t notice the difference and wasn’t afraid of losing any of the clips ( perhaps habit?!). I didn’t notice the difference between my hair and the hair of the extensions while wearing the clips, especially not while curling them and taking parts of my real hair AND the other hair to make long curled strands of hair.

All in all I think this is a good (but expensive) way to achieve fuller or longer hair, especially for special events, when you have thin or not growing hair. After some time you don’t notice that you’re wearing extensions, and you aren’t afraid that they fall off anymore. It is still a little bit awkward to wear someone else’s hair for me personally, but I think, since you can wash them, it’s not as bad as you might think at first from the hygienic view :D Nevertheless I can’t imagine that some people are wearing extensions EVERY day, since it takes time and patience to clip them into the right position. I’m really happy that I could try them out, since they look fabulous on special occasions like New Years Eve or any other party, but for the every day use it would be too time-consuming for me, especially in the mornings :D I like the curled estensions even more than letting them straighten, since curls look so beautiful when you have very thick or voluminous hair. And the most important: The clips didn’t fell off, even while dancing (okay, no headbanging, your hair could get tangled up with the clips, I think… ;).

Have you ever tried out artificial or human hair extensions? Would you love to do that? Are you skeptical or don’t you like using them? Did or do you have the same awkward feeling like me? :D



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