Secret Santa Ideas


Have you already thought of all the small and not so small Christmas presents? I have some little ideas what you can buy your best friends if you’re planning to do a secret Santa:

Personalized smartphone cases are the most amazing and unique gift ideas for your besties: You can design something special, extravagant and your bf always take it with themselves. With Go Customized you can design your own smart case for nearly EVERY mobile phone, also special ones like my HUAWEI P8 (create a Huawei case here) for example. It is really hard to find cases for not IPhone users in stores, but with Go Customized you can find even rare cases. While designing your own case you can choose between different covers and upload your self designed picture or photo and print a text on the case. I choose to design an case matching a kind of to my blog, but including an unicorn (yes, you know I’m addicted to unicorns :D) and this wasn’t so easy to create…So I searched YEARS (it was feeling like years…) to find a geometric unicorn , but didn’t find any. After deciding to Photoshop my own geometric unicorn I just put together everything in Photoshop and uploaded the pic and tadaaaa, just some days later the case arrived :) The package was delivered very fast, which is perfect in the Christmas season :) Don’t miss to create your own case here!

Another MUSTHAVE for every girl/woman is definitely the Eos lip balm. If your friends are addicted to lip balm, don’t miss the opportunity to buy one from Eos for them, especially the one I got in my last Doubox (>>click here for unboxing<<) is such a lovely and sweet shade and taste: Pomegranate/Raspberry is the perfect care during the cold season to bring back a little bit summer feeling to your lips :)

Every one is hating to get socks as present? That may be true, if you just get some boring, black or white socks, but nobody would hate you if you buy hum a pair of cozy and soft socks in a too cute form: ASOS sells at the moment a bunch of too sweet socks for the perfect cozy cold winter day, to stay at home and just be like “Hey I won’t leave the house today :D” I’m so in love with this small Rudolph-socks, I couldn’t imagine to live without them anymore :D

A pair of gloves no matter if they’re sweet, cool or cozy, or just to keep your hands warm. I like that pair of gloves from Monki. This year the winter in Germany isn’t as cold as usual, so I can stand to have a mittens. I like that simple pattern with the monochrome shades.

What about your friends who just moved into a new house or apartment? Of curse they need a Christmas Tree. This little Set contains everything to grow your own Christmas Tree (I’m sorry it didn’t grow fast enough to take some pictures ;) ). This small kit is so adorable and such a beautiful gift idea that I though you have to see it :)

Have you already thought about the small Christmas presents, yet?

Get The Gift Ideas
Smartphone Case
EOS Lip Balm
Rudolph Socks
Mittens(sold out!)
Grow Your Own Christmas Tree(similar)



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