Unboxing: Doubox December :)

Oh I love unboxing beauty boxes :) Feels like it is already Christmas when you unbox it and receive all that beautiful and different products, which you (mostly) wouldn’t try out on your own. But what is even better than a beauty box? The December version of a beauty box of course! In December the beauty boxes are filled with the best products, and lots more full sized products than usually, and I was so curious if this is true for the Doubox , too. And YES – it is!

KORRES – Basil lemon Albahaca y Limón Body milk(40ml, 200ml – 12,95€)

93% natural content is the first thing I read on the light, friendly yellow packaging, which makes that product really interesting.  The scent is very intense, like lemon, but also spicy and the typical kind of “fresh” scent of natural ingredients. If I would be sick, I’m sure this scent is perfect for your nose to  breath freely again :D It’s such a strong scent, I can’t decide if I think it’s too much, or I LOVE it because it’s not usual :D The body milk feels very soft on the skin and seems to be very rich.

ZARTGEFÜHL – Christmas Kiss Body Peeling(200ml – 15,90€) – sold out

Oh my gosh, I’m loving this on the first sight, without seeing what’s inside the product :D The packaging is so beautiful, feminine and cute with the female miss Santa on it :) Immediately I knew this will be such a sweet product I will love. Then after smelling the scent of the peeling I was even more in love with it (yes, I’m so easily to influence…..): The scent reminds me of Christmas: A little bit like Christmas cookies with the fresh scent of a fir tree, it feels like being at home at Christmas in a perfectly decorated Christmas-ready room and you smell all the different delicious scents. I’m so excited to try it out, since it promises to nourish and strengthen the skin.

HILDEGARD BRAUKMANN – Vitamin Hydro Serum (30ml -15,99€ )

Vitamin serums are so good for the skin and should be integrated in every skin care routine to strengthen the skin and care for it.The special, silky, moisturizing care concentrate with vitamins should be applied twice a day. Since I always use serum in the mornings and evenings, this will be very useful for me, too :)

GROWN ALCHIMIST – Hydra Repair Day Cream (65ml, 100ml – 49,99€)

This nourish, non greasy facial moisturizer improves the skin hydration without turning the skin oily or shiny. This one looks promising and should leave the skin looking smooth, soothed so that the cream can be used as primer.

EGYPTIAN MAGIC – All purpose Skin Cream  (7,5ml, 59ml – 24,99€)

I have heard a lot of this cream and I’m so lucky that there was a sample of this universal cream in the Doubox. The cream feels a little bit like a lip balm and isn’t as creamy as usual creams. The scent Is very light, too.  All in all it looks very unimposing, but while testing a little bit of it on my skin I immediately feel how soft the skin feels afterwards, without being oily.


Has anyone of you tried out  a nail buffer yet? Me not… I don’t know if this will be useful for me, but perhaps I should try it out and test if it is more useful than the tools I use until now. A nice goodie, but for me personally not a must have.

Nevertheless all in all the box is a fabulous mixture of skincare products, helping the skin through this cold month and helping the skin to recover, feel rich and hydrated.

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