A Passion For Edgy Rock-Glam Looks

Have you ever thought of the power of jewelry? With the right jewelry you can immediately change your complete outfit from sweet to rocky, from elegant to glamorous or anything you want. Using jewelry can be so fun and even if you wear the same outfit like someone else, you can look unique.

Recently I got two beautiful items in a parcel from Born Pretty. Shipping to Germany always takes it time, if the parcel isn’t from Europe, so I had to wait patiently on it :) After 20 days I finally got my parcel and was so happy about it, since I was so excited how the two pieces I wanted look in reality :)

The necklace is just more than rocky, cool and extraordinary: With the sharp spikes on it , it looks little punky, too. I love extreme jewelry, so that you can create a change in style: This necklace definitely can create a perfect and modern look with everything: blouses, leather pieces, simple basic tees, bohemian look….

Matching perfectly to the necklace is that bracelet with the finger ring. I ALWAYS wanted to have such a bracelet, since I didn’t find the right one until now, which isn’t looking elegant, but edgy. Believe me, it is so difficult to find something not slightly elegant if you’re looking for a bracelet with finger ring. Most of them are too filigree, instead of a kind o bold, eye-catching and rocky. It’s my favorite piece at the moment, and wearing it, is pleasant not awkward, too.

The most amazing thing, both of that accessories are from Born Pretty and cost less than 5$, with free shipping on their items, this is really a huge bargain. Of course it’s fashion jewelry, and not real gold, silver or what ever you expect, but the pieces are real statement pieces and you change your complete look with these two matching pieces, to a rocky and cool look, instead of just casual and cool.

If you’re searching for statement pieces, Born Pretty is a very good shop to check out. I saw on several blogger’s site that they have amazing nail-art and other beauty products, too, which you should check out in addiction to the accessories.

The best of it: I have a 10% coupon code for you all:


This is valid for any non discounted item in the shop :) So don’t miss to check their shop out :)

Which look do you create mostly by wearing accessories? Bohemian, elegant or an edgy look?



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