Going Out – Not Without Kate – Part II :)

I spend no day without lipstick. Okay, nearly no day, sometimes I just forget it while hurrying to the office at 6:40 am :D:D But beside of my morning routine I am a huge lipstick -addict :) You will barely see me going out without lipstick. Therefor I love different shades and trying out different brands.

One of my favorite brands is definitely MAC, especially the matte ones. But spending 20 € for thousands of shades is a little bit too expensive ;) Some time ago I showed you already one very intense shade of a Rimmel lipstick from the “Kate” line: shade 111 (click here for the review). This time I want to show you a lovely shade, especially for the coder days: Shade 30, a slightly dark, intense berry-like pink and violet shade.

The lipstick states to give the lips moisture, care for them and have an intense color.

But let’s start with the review:


Similar to the Shade 111 this lipstick comes in a tube with a small signature on it: “Kate” looking feminine and elegant. The color of the tube is not red, but black this time, and the letters in a darker red shade.


The shade is high pigmented and the color is a very beautiful shade, perfect for snowy days (we didn’t have any until now – I’m not sad about that to be honest :D) or a romantic evening out. It is very feminine and gorgeous on the lips. The color is quite long lasting, while going out and not eating something it stays on the lips without smearing. Of course if you drink too much or you’re eating the whole time you should check your lipstick afterwards. But to be honest – who doesn’t do that anyway while looking on her handy or pocket mirror?!

I love that strong color, looking so romantic and a kind of sexy. The lipstick shade feels very smooth and soft on the lips and the lips don’t dry out while using that lipstick. The price of 9,99€ is definitely worth the product. With 10€ it is not a very cheap lipstick, but the typical drugstore price for a lip product with a famous brand name.

I would totally recommend this one to every one searching for a drugstore product with quality and gorgeous colors. I need to try out more shades of the Kate line :) I think they are good drugstore dupes to much more expensive products.

Slightly note to the German readers: Since Rimmel isn’t available in our drugstores anymore you can check out ASOS (click here) to get most of the Rimmel products :)

Have you already tried out lipsticks of the Rimmel ?



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