Playing Bridesmaid

In October of 2015 I told you already via Instagram that me and some of my friends helped to film a video for a music clip. Since it is my boyfriends song I wanted to help wherever I can :D Finally the video and the single was released some days ago. If you look carefully at the video (at the end of the post) you can see us there :D)

Two of my friends and I “played” the role of the bridesmaids, but unfortunetly one of them had to go to early, so that you don’t see her in the video :D My boyfriend played the groom and luckily the bride didn’t want to marry him ;) Thank god for this ;)

Nevertheless since the dress we bridesmaids wore is just on sale on ASOS (yes , I have to confess, this was my idea to shop there ;) ) I wanted to show you some of the photos of the day, which we shoot on that beautiful location. This dress is really too beautiful, feminine, girly, perfect for a wedding. The lovely details on the dress , looking like flowers are soooo cute and of course the color is a very light , romantic pink, to underline that dreamy wedding look. And the best: it’s available for about 30$ at the mmoment! (click here). They reminded me of watching a show like ‘Say Yes to The Dress’ where people go to a dress store (similar to this one to find their perfect dress for their wedding. Looking back at the pictures now, I think we might have gotten the looks right.

Have you ever dressed up as a bridesmaid or you were the bridesmaid of any wedding? Since non of my close friends is married, I didn’t have that opportunity until now, but I’m still hoping I will be one in the future :D

I hope you enjoy this short post with the photos and videos and have fun :)

Music: Smooth Flow

Video: Intakt MDP, Street Cinema

Location: Schloss Gartrop

Hair: Bajrami-Friseure



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