Sailor Hiding Hood :D

The weather here in Germany turns to be a mixture of really freezing cold weather and dark rainy weather in the moment.. So most of the days, I’m not in mood to leave the house :D Nevertheless this isn’t possible, if you’re working, studying, doing sports, going out with your friends or what ever :D I’m hating this dark and cold weather so much and always hope for an early summer :D The only thing making this weather a little bit sweeter and the day happier is wearing the right clothing :)

Capes are always a fashionable and great selection for cold days, they keep you warm and if they also have a hood you can protect yourself from rainy weather, too, while looking sophisticated and fashionable (get it >>here<<) . Especially plaid patterns are creating a good winter mood instead of winter blues. I love the color combination of dark shades, especially red and green are looking so perfect in plaid patterns. They are the typical colors for that pattern and I always think they look awesome together.

Another small highlight to fight the winter blues is definitely the small black shoulder bag with cat ears (get it >>here<<) with the half moon on it. YES YES YES again it is definitely inspired by – have a guess – Sailor Moon :D And I’m so in love with that black bag (which I named also Luna, like the black cat in Sailor Moon ;) ). This is such a sweet accessory making me smile while looking and it and spreading full of childhood memories *_* I can’t get my eyes of it anymore :D


Especially the combination of cape and bag is so sweet, while wearing the hood of the cape: I always think of Red riding Hood by seeing someone with hooded capes :D (Oh yes another fairy tale, I know :D ) And since I love fairytales I love to think of them while wearing something :D

I got both of this fabulous products from Newchic, an Online shop based in China, selling a huge variety of clothing for men and especially for woman. They are an online shop boasting high quality clothes but also the latest fashion and really new collections. Both pieces came in two different packages, and I had to wait for the cape 3 days longer than for the bag (which isn’t a problem in my opinion) , but the shipping took the usual time from China to Germany, so I had to wait eagerly to see them. They were carefully surrounded by a plastic bag within the parcel , so that everything was perfect when the parcel arrived.

Are you fighting the winter blues with clothing, too? :D I think if you’re wearing something which makes you happy, or gives you good memories, you’re always happier than simply wearing something out of your wardrobe :)



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