Outfit Inspiration: Snow White :)

Finally it get’s winter in my hometown , too. Suddenly the temperatures dropped below zero and suddenly we had the first snow remaining on some trees (not much). I have to confess that I didn’t want any snow. January is too late for winter weather and while spending Christmas with 15 degrees I hoped spring weather will come earlier this year. Nevertheless there is one thing which I love about cold weather: Coats. Fluffy, cozy coats. And what’s the best about January? – SALE! Everywhere are discounts on winter essentials *_* And shopping is the best expierence if you had a stressful week :D

Did I need another fluffy, warm coat? Surely not, but since it was on sale on Urban Outfitters (39 € from 115 €) and I got an extra discount of 20% on that 39€ I just HAD to buy it. The creamy, white color is just so gorgeous and I didn’t have a white coat until now. This one looked and feels so warm, cozy and just soft and pleasant to wear. It’s a perfect pick for the current weather.

The suede and fringed small bag is unfortunately not available anymore, but was also a sale product ( 12€) and I immediately fell in love with the dark burgundy shade and the details of it. It’s just big enough to take lipstick, mobile phone, your money and small essentials with you, but not too big.

I love the combination of white and burgundy, reminding me a little bit of the Snow White And The Huntsman tale *_* The color combination is just too dreamy and romantic – just perfect for me, since I love things reminding me of something beautiful :D

What are your first thoughts thinking of the colors? :)



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