Star Wars And Makeup?!


Yes, I didn’t post a video on YouTube since ages :D I know :D But I wanted to make more videos on YouTube this year (and I already have some amazing ideas) :) So here I’m with a new makeup tutorial. And what could be better than a usual , boring look? – A Star Wars inspirited makeup look :))

If you didn’t know it until now: I’m a Star Wars fan. Indeed I have to confess, I’m a nerd in many books, movies or merchandising I love nerdy stuff (Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter, Mangas, Animes, and so on…) :D I watched the movie as soon as possible, some day after the release in Germany and since then I was planning to make a inspired look. Here it is:


I hope you enjoyed the video and don’t miss to subscribe to my channel and please, please, please, since I’m really new to that “YouTube-thing” don’t miss to comment and tell me more about your thoughts.

More photos will follow on INSTAGRAM. So stay tuned there, too :)

Get the Look:

MAC – Foundation

L’Oreal – Mascara

L’Oreal – Powder

Urban Decay – Eyeshadow

Urban Decay – Eye Liner Kajal

Ri Re – Eyeshadow Pigments

MAC – Lipstick red

MAC – Lipstick dark

P2 – Eyeliner



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