The Golden Ticket – Or Dress :)

Only two weeks left and it’s Valentine’s Day. Have you already planed if you want to do something or what to do? Or do you even have a date?

At the moment the weather is not really warm, so that most of my cute and sweet outfits won’t match to the weather. Because of this I thought about a long-sleeved dress as Valentine’s outfit.

Today I want to show you a dress as  outfit inspiration for Valentine’s day which I already wore on NYE, but which is still available ( of course it’s from ASOS ;) ) and totally matches my personal dream of a romantic, chic and feminine but eye catching and unique dress – perfect for a Valentine’s date :)

The blouson sleeves make the dress looking unique and cute, and although the form of the dress is very plain ( skater dress). But the sparkling golden color and the fabric of the dress make the dress very elegant and chic, perfect to wear on a date out with your boyfriend or husband :) Even if you decide just to go out with your girls, this dress looks just fabulous and fantastic and you’ll definitely look eye catching :)

Combined with a simple belt you can achieve a better shape with the dress and it looks even more feminine. A good way to give a simple dress a feminine and elegant form.

Have you already thought of what to wear? Or do you stay at home without celebrating Valentine’s Day? Even if you don’t celebrate it, this dress is so gorgeous for any Date or night out, don’t you agree?:)

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