Upgrade Your Style With Statement Pieces

Happy Sunday to you all :) I hope you enjoyed your weekend and had a wonderful time :) I already announced on Instagram that I’ll show you a new necklace I got some time ago:

Mirina Collections is a brand selling Statement Jewellery selling necklaces, earrings, rings, accessories and sunnies. They also have a monthly subscription box where you get a necklace every month for 39,99$. I haven’t tried the box (you know I’m getting addicted to subscriptions easily, so I have to control myself a little bit :D).

Since Mirina is based in New York it took a while until my parcel arrived (and of course the fact, that the pieces are HANDCRAFTED!) but when it arrived it was even more beautiful than I had imagined:

I chose the necklace (now new designed) Rita, a very bold necklace with tassels, crystals and antique metals, in a antique copper color which I immediately thought would match my style most, because I love that kind of shades in combination with black clothing. The necklace is very detailed and looks like a high quality product.

While wearing the necklace I was asked several times where I got it from and everybody says that it is such an eye catcher. With it you can make the simplest outfit party ready and stunning. I love to combine it not only to chic or elegant clothing, but also with something edgy to have a change in style and have another “wow” factor in the clothing. I absolutely love wearing jewellery and necklaces are probably some of my favourite pieces. Plus, you can easily personalise a necklace to make it even more unique. For example, my best friend owns a pretty name necklace that she wears almost every day. Her outfits just would not be complete without it!

Nevertheless the price of the necklace is high (especially if you’re living not in the US due to shipping) but totally worth the money. Luckily I had the chance to get a discount on it :D wheeey! And the best: I have a 20% discount code for you too:

With the coupon code


you get 20% on the whole products on the site :)

So don’t miss to check out their site :)



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