Fringe, Leather And Suede

What to you wear on gloomy and rainy days? The temperatures are getting a little bit better and some days we’re having sunny days, too. So it’s time to put the winter coats away and to wear leather jackets again *_*

I’m a leatherjacket lover and use EVERY opportunity to wear them, although it’s getting too cold in the evenings some days :D. This suede jacket is from Only (last season, since I didn’t get my hands on new leather jackets until now this year). Especially if you LOVE red shades, like me you have to get your hands on a leather jacket in that color. The mixture of orange and red is too perfect for spring and gives the rest of the outfit a pop of color.

Since I often tend to wear dark clothing I choose to wear dark colors too: The combination with my new fringed leather skirt from H&M (which was a bargain, in my opinion for 19,99€) is a slight contrast to the soft and smooth fabric of the jacket. Nevertheless the fringed details are so fashionable (and I LOVE everything with fringes*_*) and wearable for every occasion.

My top is just a small basic from H&M too , since the leather jacket and the skirt have so many details which are eye catching. The same with the suede boots with small rivets (SALE alert on ASOS :) Don’t miss to get them if you love suede, boots and fringes >>here<<). The details of those boots are so eye catching and make the look a little bit bohemian and edgy :D The best of those boots: they’re so comfortable and I could walk and dance hours while wearing them, without hurting my feet :) It’s so difficult to find awesome looking boots, which feel comfortable and are looking unique and fashionable. So I’m very glad that I have found those boots on ASOS.


When it’s drizzling I often hate using an umbrella (or I forget to take one with me :D) so that a hat can be not only fashionable, but also useful This one has so lovely details, that it makes the look more bohemian with a slightly wild wild west feeling :D I like that cowboy touch of the hat.

To make the look not only cool but also a little bit feminine and sweet I add my favorite bag: The holographic unicorn clutch. I’m so obsessed with that clutch. It’s so cute and unique, and every unicorn and fantasy lover like me is immediately in love with it :D Every time I wear it I’m asked where I got that from and how awesome it looks. Although you can’t take many things with you with that clutch it’s definitely worth to buy :D And the best: I saw it on sale, too, the last chance to grab it from Dolls Kill. It will brighten any day, no matter how gloomy and dark it is. I promise that :D


Have you got any outfit tips to brighten your rainy days? :)

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