Edgy Instead Of Business-Like


What do you do with your working clothes? I hate business looks and everyone following me knows that I’m not really that one dressing up with blazer and business pants and feeling comfortable.  On top I’m hardly wearing pants and feel so strange and not like myself in most of them.

When I had to buy another  pair of pants for the office I struggled a lot which ones I would choose and one of them is this one: a rather wide fitting black pants, with a seven eights length. I thought about being comfortable at the office while sitting there the whole day. Nevertheless I immediately thought about wearing that pants in a different way: my own way.

Paired with a casual shit, which is shorter at the front with small slashes on the sides and a little bit longer on the backside the outfit looks a little bit layered and more casual, even a kind of cool.

To take the last bit of elegance of the pants and the fabric of the tee I love to compare it with high and chunky heels and a black leather jacket with  lambskin elements in biker style the outfit seams to be more edgy and cool than elegant and classy.


I thought that this look is much more my style than the business version of that pants. Because of this I don’t show you the classy version with high heels and a blouse, but that outfit combination.

I hope you liked this combination and that you have a fabulous week until now :) It’s Wednesday – only some days to go for the weekend :)

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Leather Jacket (similar)

Shoes (similar)



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