Glamour Germany And The Chanel Beauty Workshop

If you follow me on Instagram >>here<< (and you definitely should ;) ) you already know that I won a beauty workshop from the Glamour Germany with Martin Schmid – makeup artist from Chanel. I was so happy and couldn’t believe what just happened here as I got the message from the Glamour and was so excited what would happen on this day. I was so happy that I could switch my day at the office and visit Düsseldorf (a city near my hometown) to take part at the beauty workshop. Eagerly waiting at the hotel lobby from the Hyatt Regency hotel I soon met the other 9 beauties taking part at the workshop. Nobody did know if we should wear makeup on that workshop or not, so everyone decided to look glamourous and wear makeup – just in case for the photos ;) Then finally the workshop started with champagne and some appetizers while we got to know Martin Schmid and some of his team and each other. Everyone was so kind and lovely and we soon laughed and joked around with each other. Martin Schmid began to tell us so many facts about Chanel and showing us some of the Coco Chanel videos (I really recommend you to watch them >>here<<). As you see in the video below, they’re created in such a creative, enchanting and dreamy – almost hypnotic way that you get to know more about Chanel in an interesting way, not just simple facts which are written down somewhere.


But then – the horrifying moment when you have to remove all of your makeup – felt like a horror movie for someone with bad skin like me(and yes at the moment my skin is sooooo bad) – but of course the fact to use all the new and old skincare products from them made me fell comfortable again ;) The Hydra Beauty line has some awesome products which felt so soft and smooth on the skin and making it look hydrated, moisture and fresh again. The Hydra Beauty Micro Serum and the Hydra Beauty Flash worked so great in combination together. Definitely two high end products to try out or to gift for someone special.

The most important step afterwards to put on the foundation, Concealer and Powder to create a poreless and natural skin. The Les Beiges The Glow foundation has an included SPF which is perfect for summer, too. It claims to create a natural finish while looking as if you don’t use any makeup. With the natural glow the skin should look perfect, fresh and young. This one will definitely not be my favorite and everyday foundation, since the covering is not too strong. But for a hot summer day on the beach this foundation is the perfect product to look natural but still not dull with a lovely glow on the skin. Whereas the concealer (Correcteur Perfection) is high covering and hides your imperfections and pimples perfectly. After using this one my skin looked so much better and healthier. But the skin still (since I have a bad-skin-week or month at the moment) wasn’t perfect. Whereas the other girls all looked so beautiful and flawless I was so happy to discover the VITALUMIÈRE makeup powder. This one is definitely my skin perfectioning favorite and I HAVE to get my hands on it! Although it’s really expensive and I wouldn’t have looked at it usually, since I tried it out last week this one is on my wish list and I have to buy it! The powder has an own brush to use it immediately (but of course you can use any powder brush , too) and promises to make the skin flawless and cover the imperfections while looking natural and not awkward on it. The powder merges easily with the skin and feels so soft and wonderful on the skin. You don’t see the powder effect any more but the skin looks even and healthy. This one is a product which is perfect for everyone who wants to make the skin flawless.

Of course Martin Schmid showed us not just how to put a flawless makeup on, but also two looks – one day makeup with a slightly touch of smokey eyes and an evening look – so dramatic and of course classical smokey. It was so amazing to see how he works and hoe easily he could create a perfect look on two of the girls (unfortunately I had to do my makeup by myself :((( ) and I couldn’t take photos f the girl’s makeup for the blog – but the tips from him were so useful and getting to know the new products, too. For example the products of the L.A. Sunrise collection like the gorgeous Sunkiss Ribbon blush – isn’t it just too cute with the perfectly matching shades together in one blush?! Such an elegant and yet sweet product making the face looking sun kissed and still natural. The two lipsticks and the Illusion d’Ombre shades are two other amazing products of that collection, bringing vibrant colors on your eyes and gorgeous shades on the lips to create a colorful and dramatic makeup.

Another highlight for me was the nail lacquer – Le Vernis nail gloss in the shade 683 – Sunrise Trip. I never go out without nail polish, so that I was looking interested at the nail polishes we could choose there. Of course the classy red shade and the pink Ballerina nail polish are highlights and bestsellers of Chanel, but that color immediately got my attention, since it looked so unique and cool, a kind of edgy. Putting the nail polish on my nails I fell in love with it at once *_* The shade is so beautiful and depending on the light it looks more blue or more violet – really crazy :D But there is a little disadvantage: It doesn’t last more than 2 days….Which is such pity, since I haven’t seen such a beautiful shade anywhere :(((

At the end of the day we girls were all so lucky to attend this amazing workshop, we learnt a lot of things about the brand itself and got an exclusive sight into the new products. To meet Martin Schmid was of course a huge honor and at the end of the day we got a little goodie bag from Chanel and one form the Glamour containing amazing products , too *_*

First of all the Coco Mademoiselle EdP (35ml). If you don’t know the scent of this perfume: This one is an oriental, fresh and flowerlike scent. Classy and elegant, not to girly, but feminine. The second product – Le Volume De Chanel mascara (waterproof) is a very good mascara, creating volume and making the lashes appear much longer ( we tried it during the workshop, too) is a product which I would rebuy myself, too. The lipstick Rouge Coco Shine in shade 118 is a hydrating sheer lipstick. It gives the lips a lovely color, but not too much and moistures them while caring for them and giving the lips a natural look. In addition to that amazing three products we got a Glamour magazine and the Glamour Lookbook.

Thank you so much Glamour Germany for that amazing opportunity and day in Düsseldorf! :))

Have you ever attended such a workshop or a similar event? Since I didn’t take part on many blogger events until now, this one felt so awesome :D

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