Mishibox: Boosting Your Skin After The Cold Weather

Time for another unboxing :) Yeah! I was so happy when I received the parcel with the Mishibox of January, and yes, it’s the first time where the box wasn’t full of stickers and delivery information :D I immediately grabbed the chance and took a photo since I love the plain and cute design of the Mishibox, especially since it’s pink :D (I’m really easy to impress ;) If it would sparkle and shine I would totally freak out :D )

Skylake Oriental Herbal Relax Toner (20ml/ 5$)

I love the fact that it’s a s mist, so that you can easily spray it on your face which makes it so easy to use and perfect for traveling. It’s recommended to use it after cleansing, before makeup or anytime the skin feels dry, which is really perfect since due to the winter weather the skin needs much hydration and products to refresh and moisture them. Testing it just once I have to confess that the almost woody, herbal scent is not my favorite sent anyway, but I’m really happy that the scent isn’t really strong, but it has a little touch of anise ( I HATE anise, weather for sweets, for scents, for drinks, to eat or anything…just awkward :D) which makes me not wan to use it without something strong scenting, which would cover the scent of the toner. However the effect feels fresh and soft on the skin and it feels moisture again after using it.

Recipe Slowganic Cleanser Mini 3 Set (each 10 g, 7$)

Have you already heard from Recipe? If not I recommend you to try out their sheet masks, I already fell in love with them a long time ago :D This time I’m so excited to try out the handmade cleanser, which is a low pH, hypoallergenic cleanser formulated with 98% natural ingredients. Sounds promising, what do you think? Lemon should improve the skin complexion and texture, Green Tea soothes troubled skin, Adlay moistures dry skin. You can use the cleanser either as usual cleanser or as pack, while leaving it on the skin for a longer time before washing it off.

W-Lab Silky Eye Primer (5.5 g – Full Size – 15$)

I just thought a couple of days ago if I should give an eye primer another try. I never tried the (hyped) Urban Decay one (but it’s on my wish list) and I thought about buying it, but luckily I didn’t buy it, since this one promises that your eye shadow won’t crease(Yay!) and the formula is very light wear. Trying it out on my skin it feels really smooth an makes the skin looking more flawless with the light pink, silky formula. I’m so EXCITED about that and I’ll try it out right tomorrow for my intense and elaborate eye makeup, since it’s carnival tomorrow in Germany – meaning a lot of awesome costumes :)

A’Pieu color Long Wear Shadow Stick ( 1.4g – Full Size – 8$)

What a gorgeous shade that is… I couldn’t even make a proper picture how beautiful the shade was glowing and sparkling in that golden shade. The eye shadow claims to be waterproof and long lasting (perhaps another thing I could use for my makeup tomorrow?!) The texture is very soft and melts a kind of on the skin. I love the fact that argan oil is one ingredient to make the texture moisture the skin and jewel powder to add sparkle on the eyes.

Ettang Modeling Take-Out Cup Pack (17g – Full Size – 4$)

The first thing I saw beside of the cute light pink design which immediately attached me were the words” Do not eat” on the flap to open it :D I thought and still think: What the fuck must have happened that they write on it ” Do not eat?!” :D That’s really crazy… Okay it’s called Yogurt, but that doesn’t mean that it’s Yoghurt to eat :D Back to the product: There are 3 different products you could get: Yoghurt ( softens, brightens and smoothens skin), Propolis (nourishes and soothes problematic skin) and Peppermint (smoothens, brightens and moistures the skin). To use the product just use the included spatula, pour water into the cup (1:3 ratio) and apply on the face for 15-20 minutes. Sounds like an interesting face product.

Recipe Slowganic Sheet Mask ( 22ml – Full Size – 2$)

Oh Yes I was so incredible happy to get one of them :) I love sheet masks and I’m so in love with the ones from recipe. The masks consists of natural ingredients that have been domestically harvested in South Korea. Aloe replenishes Hydration and soothes irritated areas, Grape minimizes wrinkles and improves elasticity ( Yay, got the right one to make my face fresh and healthy during the weekend ;) ), Peach improves elasticity and suppleness, Tangerine evens out uneven skin tone and lightens dark spots and tomato gives the skin a healthy and radiant glow. If you haven’t tried out these sheet masks, honestly I swear they’re awesome :) You just feel refreshed and fabulous afterwards, and after a “spa-time” for yourself you feel beautiful, too.

On top there was one little extra as “New Year Goodie” in the box: Sun Clamue Hydrogel Collagen Mask (Full Size currently on sale for 7$). This anti-bacterial &moisturizing gel mask with Green tea extract, Aloe Vera extract, Marine Collagen, Vitamin E, Vitamin A claims to be soothing and rejuvenating. Since I’m a lover of face masks, weather they’re sheet masks or gel masks or any other masks, I’m really excited what I will think of that one.

All in all the selection of the products in that box was perfect for the cold weather. Many hydrating and refreshing skin care products to make the skin young, moisture and perfect for spring.

I have another small surprise for you: With that link you get 5$ off a purchase over 30$ on their web shop :) So if you want to try any products of the box out, don’t miss to grab that chance :)

Happy Wednesday my beautiful friends :)

Get The Products

Skylake – Toner

Recipe – Cleanser

A’Pieu Eye Shadow

WLab – Eye Primer

Ettang Modeling Mask

Recipe – Sheet Mask

Sun Clamue – Hydrogel Mask



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