Unboxing Mishibox February: Hydration, Care and Preparation


Just yesterday I asked myself when this month Mishibox will arrive and just in time, while learning for my exams the box arrived to lighten my day :D This months box, has it’s focus on giving the dry winter skin back hydration, moisture and care to prepare the skin, especially your face for spring :)

February is almost over and although i.t’s raining often, the weather s l o w l y turns out to change – YAY :) Some days we even have SUNNY weather (The strange thing – almost every time it’s sunny I’m sitting in the office to work -_- ). That means: prepare your skin for spring makeup and summer looks :) This month Mishibox seams t have some very promising products  – especially masks in it:

Mother+Made – Eye Capsule ( 3 pcs x 3ml, 12,50$ – Full Size)

This one is definitely one of the most interesting products in the box: It contains of 3 packs, containing 2 compressed eye mask sheets and essence for it in funny looking small capsules (don’t they look like coffee capsules a little bit?!). The application is very easy: Peel off the cover films of the eye capsule and put it into the essence, so that it can soak up the essence. Just wait a little bit and put them afterwards onto the close eyes and relax 10-15 minutes. Sounds pretty easy and perfect for a beauty day. I’m a little bit concerned if I could stay to relax for 10-15 minutes without opening my eyes :D this sounds like the hardest part of that mask :D

Graymelin – Double Strength Eye Serum (10ml, 14$ – Full Size)

This eye serum promises to make the skin bright and moist with the dual functional roll-type eye serum, which is effective against wrinkles and has in addiction a whitening effect. Sounds a little bit like the perfect product for the eyes, what do you think? I’m really curios to try it out on long term – the first try was very pleasant – the metallic roller doesn’t feel too cold or awkward on the skin, but very gentle and pleasant. The eye area seems to be refreshed  and the serum doesn’t feel sticky but rich.

TONYMOLY I’m Real Mask Sheet (21ml 3$ – Full Size)

Yes for sheet masks :D Every time I’m getting a sheet mask in this box, I’m so happy with it. There are many reasons why I LOVE sheet masks, but the most important ones: It’s soooo easy to use the masks and put them onto the face and another important fact: I don’t mess around with half of the mask and have to clean up afterwards :D I got the Seaweeds mask (Purifying) out of the 11 special targeting masks of TONYMOLY.  The usage is very simple: just put it on the face for 20-30 minutes  and gently pat the remaining essence onto your skin.

Half Moon Eyes – Super Smart Mask Pack Pink Fruity (10ml, 3$ – Full Size)

Another product looking like a coffee capsule :D This capsule is a wash-off mask, formulated with Dragon Fruit Extract to eliminate sebum and impurities from pores. Together with SNAIL extract the skin is hydrated and the skin texture smooth. Swiftlet Nest Extract for comforting skin from irritations, Jeju Canola Honey Extract for strengthening, Carbonated Mineral Water for cooling and firming the skin. Amazing list of ingredients and very promising. After applying the mask on the skin you just have to leave it on your face for 10 minutes and wash it off with warm water.

Purederm Exfoliating Food Mask (20ml, 7$ – Full Size)

Our feet have to get in sandal mood as soon as possible, and yes, to be trapped into boots and cold weather makes them not very attractive :D For making them smooth again.  The mask is formulated with Papaya & Chamomile this foot exfoliating mask peels calluses &dead skin cells from the feet within two weeks. Usage: Cleanse your feet and then wear mask on feet. Remove after 60-90 minutes and rinse feet in warm water. The most difficult part of that: Be sure to have everything you need in a tangibly area, you shouldn’t walk with these “socks” around :)

Verysix – 6 Seconds Kissing Lip Gloss Coral 2 ( 10ml, 14$ – Full Size)

The lip gloss comes in a tube, which can easily be squeezed on the lips to distribute the gloss on it. First of all: I LOVE that scent. It smells like  chewing gums for children, this typical artificial but sweet scent, which we all know too well :D The gloss is formulated with Royal Jelly, Propolis, Argan Oil and Jojoba Seed Oil to moisture your lips. I tried it out immediately: On the hand, the color looks strongly coral, but distributing it out the lips, the color adapts to the lips, so that you get a  natural color on them. The gloss isn’t sticky, which is a very positive factor, because most lip gloss are feeling so  tacky on the lips…This one is definitely a mixture of skincare and decorative product, perfect to prepare  and care for the lips after the winter.

Again, I’m so satisfied with the ingredients of that box, many skin smoothing and hydrating products to  help the skin to regenerate after the winter weather.

If you want to try their products out, don’t miss to  get 5$ off a purchase over 30$ with that link on their web shop :)





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