V-Day Gift Inspiration <3

Hello beauties :) Today I planed a special and unique post on my blog: I have a cowriter ;) My boyfriend Jan wanted to show you some ideas what to get for your sweet boyfriends or husbands :) Of course I have some ideas for your own wishlist, too :) It can never be wrong to show your hubby what to get for you, especially as last minute gift AND on top everything costs less than 50€ :)

So let’s start with the girls wishlist at first :)











Heading over to the boys here are the tips for men:

Hey girls, my name is Jan. I´m Honia’s boyfriend and I know that some of you will face the problem of not finding a present for Valentines Day for your boyfriend. So I made a list for you if you need inspiration or if you don´t have time to find something.

Little Advice: Man may Look Grown up but they are still kids. Trust me. Seriously!!! Stuff that always works are geeky things or sports stuff to please the inner child. Yours, Jan :)











I hope we helped you a little bit and if you don’t need those ideas vor V-Day keep them in mind for the next opportunity.

Wishing you an amazing week my dear friends :)