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007 – Attitude, Lovely Attitude :)

Thank you Rossmann Germany for sending me the 007- For Women II perfume and body lotion for testing. I was so lucky to be chosen from the Blogger-Giveaway to try it out. I’m a huge lover of any fragrance: scented candles, room-scents, beauty products with scents and of course perfume. Nothing can make you feel more comfortable than a scent, which you like, which smells good in your opinion and in the best case it makes you think of something special.

I already have bought the 007 fragrance for men for my boyfriend and the perfume for men convinced me: The products are not too expensive and the scent is long lasting enough to use it for a everyday-perfume.


The body lotion and perfume came in a beautiful gift set in a mixture of bronze and rose gold shade. Very chic and plain with the typical “007” numbers on it. When opening the box the bottle of the perfume just caught immediately my eye: The spray nozzle has a rose gold shade, too. The rest of the bottle is almost transparent, while the perfume has a very light fawn color which is shimmering through the transparent bottle. The pattern on the glass looks like that one of the previous fragrance, very elegant and classy.


I personally use more than one fragrance: One for going out on special occasions, which is really long-lasting and unique (Thierry Mugler Womanity) and a lot of other scents for everyday use. My everyday perfumes have different price ranges, from cheap ones like Bruno Banani to very expensive ones like the Guerlain. But there is one thing they all have in common: They have a sweet and very feminine scent.

The scent is described with the following ingredients:

Top: Royal Raspberry, Pink Pepper, Pink Freesia

Heart: Blackberry, Black Baccara Rose, Solar Gardenia, Pink Oleander

Base: Cedarwood, Vanilla, Silky Musk, Leather

At first while using the perfume you immediately smell a berryish note, fruity but also a kind of fresh. Nevertheless the vanilla and cedar wood are recognizable, too and make the perfume a little bit mysterious, but feminine at the same time. It smells a little bit oriental and although it is described as the “daytime companion to the classic and mysterious evening scent, 007 For Women” I think that it’s definitely a scent which one can use in the evenings. The scent is intense, but fruity, not too heavy and though it’s recognizable.

The scent of the body lotion is almost as strong as the perfume, although it’s not so long-lasting, but a very good alternative to feel refreshed during the day and to moisture your skin. The lotion feels very smooth and pleasant on the skin.

All in all that scent is definitely worth to try, since the price of 25€ for 30ml is not too high. It’s a lovely scent to try out, if you’re searching for a perfume, which is not too expensive, but also classy, feminine and a kind of mysterious. I’m so happy to got to try that one and I’m sure I’ll rebuy it to use it at the office or university during daytime :)



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