Festival Inspiration: Glitter Eye-Brows


Every day we hear about THE must-have trends of makeup and fashion and hoe gorgeous they look on the catwalk: Speaking of glitter roots, furry nails ( Yes, have you already heard a bout this?! I would love to try it out, but how could you do ANYTHING at home with these furry thing on your nails?!) or crazy makeup looks. But how could you use these trends in real-life? Would you try them out or have you already tried any strange trend out?

Well, as you know in one of my previous posts I tried out how rainbow freckles would look (>>here<<) and I have to confess I think this is one trend I will try out more often, since it's a kind of sweet and perfect for the spring and summer season to spread festival vibes :D This time I'm trying out to wear glitter-eyebrows.

Instagram, Pinterest and all the magazines have already shown us this amazing, glittering and sparkling trend as festival makeup and I personally think that it looks awesome on pictures :D Some weeks ago when I dressed up for Carnival as a unicorn, I already wore glitter on my eyebrows, since I thought it would match perfectly to the unicorn theme. But okay, dressing up as unicorn for a costume, is definitely something else than going out with them on a day without any reason.

Nevertheless I tried it out and while styling my glitter eyebrows I thought about how cool it would look with a festival outfit (Yes – again a festival inspiration, I’m currently dreaming of sunshine, summer, music and festivals all the time :D) and festival makeup. So I tried to style a dramatic, but still a kind of cute look, which would be perfect while going out and chilling in the sun. I definitely would wear it on an occasion in summer, but only in a “light” way. Since my eyebrows are dark I can go for dark shades, so that the sparkling effect is mostly visible in the sun, or while standing directly in front of me. If you have blonde or light brown eyebrows, you could go for gold, a bronze shade on your brows. I decided to use my dark pigments from MAC and blending them out slightly with the light blush pink glittering pigments to create a slightly ombre look the eyebrows. Unfortunately this is hardly noticeable through my dark eyebrow color :(

Even trying to decorate my eyebrows proved to be a little more difficult than I initially thought. You see trends like this online and they make it look so easy, but when you try, it never looks the same. Also, trying to get your eyebrows perfect just takes a long time. I say I don’t have time for this, but sometimes I find myself sitting by the mirror for longer than I thought just fixing my eyebrows. Even then, they don’t look right. With that being said, eyebrows are supposed to be like sisters, not twins, so I guess they don’t have to be perfect all the time. There are so many products out there that help you achieve the look you are after. I was recently introduced to a company like Xlash, who provide everything you’ll ever need to at least try and achieve the perfect brow look. This is something I will be giving it a go, especially if their products will save me time getting ready in the morning.

All in all I felt so good with that makeup and although I had concerns that I wouldn’t dare to go outside with them, I definitely would, since they aren’t too extravagant and visible, like a bright gold glitter eyebrow would look on me :D Honestly I think the trend is wearable , especially in summer BUT only if you don’t exaggerate it and it stays a little bit “natural” (okay, natural is the wrong word if we speak about glitter-eyebrows :D:D). For a special occasion it is definitely a trend to try out, to look a little bit bohemian, festival ready and feel like a princess :D If you want to try out extreme glitter eyebrows , I personally think it looks amazing on the catwalk and photos, but not for an every day look.

What do you think about glitter eye-brows? Have you already tried it out? I hope you all enjoy you Sunday and wishing you a wonderful start into the new week :)

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