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HAPPY BIRTHDAY Lovely Attitude – You’re Old! :3

Exactly one year ago I started my first fashion blog post on Lovely Attitude. Exactly one year ago I started this amazing and exciting journey and got to know so many amazing bloggers and people due to Lovely Attitude. I have to confess this was one of the best ideas in my life :D I wanted to blog for ages, but never knew how or if I would have the time for that. Since my sister already blogs for several years, (if you’re interested in Korean Beauty you should have a look at Berries In The Snow) I did what little sisters always do: Watch her and deciding to try it out by myself (and do it better like small sister always do :D ;))) )  :D I always loved shopping (weather clothing or beauty products) and why not use this “hobby” and show it the world? It took me really long to decide to start, but I’m so happy that I finally found the courage to do it (and that my nightmare that nobody would have a look at my blog didn’t turn out to be true :D)

The year went by so fast and it was so amazing to read all your lovely comments, to see your posts, to interact and get to know you all due social media and blogging and I’m more than convinced that this year will even be more FABULOUS :D

I want to thank you all, for stopping by, writing comments, just watch or like something on Instagram and other platforms :3 Every single comment just made my day and made me so incredible happy while you motivated AND inspired me with all of your SUPPORT :) A special thank goes of course to my lovely sister Laven, who always supports me and of course to my boyfriend Jan (who could write a BOOK about blogger behavior and who had to freeze outside shooting photos, or wait for his dinner because of me :D )

For your entertainment I wanted to share some funny or not so funny facts with you:


I’m a nerd. A real nerd, playing boarding games, computer games, loving Fantasy stories, reading Mangas & watching Animes. On top I love everything geeky and I’m obsessed with nerdy merchandising. I think it’s quite obviously that I’m the typical IT student/IT employee. :D


I have a huge passion for Rock ‘n Roll, Indie, and soft Metall. And yes, there was a time where I dressed up dark, darker even gothic like, while hearing HIM, Within Temptation and I have to confess, a lot of sad music (which I still love, but I don’t dress up like that any more..) :D


Sailor Moon was and is my addiction. Yep, I think this very obvious due to some outfits :D


I love frogs. I have several frog cuddly toys (indeed a frog was my first one, too) and frog figures, frog boxes, frog saving boxes. If it’s cute and a frog I HAVE to buy it.

So four facts are more than enough for today :) I hope we’ll celebrate next year, another wonderful YEAR of Lovely Attitude, with you all. Another amazing year full of opportunities and fun is coming and I’m excited to show you some news soon :))) There’s nothing more to say, than THANK YOU, CHEERS and HAPPY BIRTHDAY LOVELY ATTITUDE! :D

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